Do you want to know the number of target customers contacting the call center and how efficient, exactly, the promotions are? If yes, you answer these questions with the speech analytics service.

What is Speech Analytics, and How Does it Work?

A speech analytics system is an automated service that translates a conversation recording into text, analyzes, and recognizes keywords in the dialogue.

It helps to understand whether it is essential to repeat operator training and what innovations are needed to improve service levels.

The voice analytics of calls allows you to study the work of the call center without the participation of company employees. This ensures that the assessment is objective.

The speech recognition function can be configured selectively, marking the conversations that should be processed.

  • Track a specific employee.
  • Analyze all incoming calls (call center) or outgoing (sales department).
  • Make transcripts of conversations lasting longer than a minute.

Why Does a Business Need Speech Analytics?

Analysis of conversations with customers helps to create the product or service the target audience expects to receive. Speech analytics affects the growth of sales and the reduction of advertising costs, allowing improving the personnel training.

Use call tracking and analysis to meet the following challenges.

Creating an Accurate Customer Profile

The marketing department will update customer information faster with speech analytics. You can find out who makes purchases more often, at what time, and where users come from. It will be much easier to prepare a promotion plan based on this data.

Service Evaluation and Search for Sale Points

Complaints about the service, low-quality goods, and the work of the manager are revealed with the aid of speech analytics. This is useful to quickly assess and prioritize problem-solving and staff training.

Improve Your Sales Script

Clients can share during the conversation the things they lack to be completely satisfied. This will help marketers understand the ways to improve sales and make an offer that cannot be refused.

How to Use Speech Analytics?

Freezvon does not specialize in speech analytics, but we have something to offer virtual numbers users. Call statistics and call recording services allow you to organize the analysis of customer requests in manual mode. You can transfer the finished data to intermediaries for analysis.

What Information Does the Call History Display?

Statistics assist you in better understanding the way the telephony costs are formed and evaluating the work of the call center. The call history is stored in your account on the Freezvon website.

The report collects some information.

  • The number from which the call was received or the SIP account for an outgoing call.
  • Date and time of the call.
  • Call status (answered or missed).
  • Duration of the conversation.
  • The number of missed calls.
  • The cost of a telephone conversation.

The call statistics service is free and offers call details. If you order several virtual numbers and assign them to different promotions, then statistics will help you track the effectiveness of advertising and find out the number of customers who applied for the promotion and from what sources.

How to Use Call Recording?

Only listening helps you to understand the consumer’s desires. The call recording service saves the conversation between the manager and the client as an audio file. This information can be used in the following ways.

  • Detailed information on the order.
  • Creation of training materials and sales script.
  • Protecting the interests of the company or employees in case of a conflict.
  • Assessing the quality of staff training.

You can enable call recording for any type of virtual number. The call recording option is included in the IP PBX subscription. Audio files can be stored on the provider’s cloud server.

If you’re wondering how to increase call center sales and productivity, Freezvon has a customized IP telephony solution for you. Send a request to our mail or contact support by phone.