This article will explain why you should get a business phone number that uses VoIP services (a virtual phone number). Additionally, it will also explain some of the different types of virtual numbers you can get, and how you can get your own free business number!

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a type of telephony service that uses cloud-based technology as opposed to traditional connection methods. Virtual numbers enable people to call from anywhere in the world, without being restricted to one location.

Why are virtual numbers useful for business?

While mobile phones do allow people to do the same thing, landline phones do not. This is where virtual numbers come into play. Provided that your device has access to the internet, your clients or colleagues can contact you via your office/work number, regardless of where you are in the world.

With Freezvon, businesses can gain access to useful features such as call forwarding, which enables them to transfer calls from a physical phone that is fixed to a particular location (such as an office phone), to any device that the business chooses to forward the calls to.

So if you’re a business manager who needs to work remotely, you can still receive all your calls, but you can have them transferred to your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device that you choose instead!

VoIP services

There are many VoIP providers in the UK, but few offer the extensive range of VoIP services, with the low rates that Freezvon offers. Here are just some of the useful services that Freezvon provides:

Virtual phone numbers for calls

Whether you’re in England, Scotland, or anywhere else in the UK, a virtual number allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere! Using call forwarding technology, the calls you receive can be transferred directly to an SIP app, or a mobile or landline number.

In addition, you can also make calls from any location via the internet, at a much lower rate in comparison with many mobile providers.

Virtual SMS numbers

Just like with virtual numbers for calls, you are not tied to a specific location, so, even if your business is UK-based, there’s no reason that you can’t also contact your international customers, and vice versa.

What’s even more convenient about it, in comparison to a regular mobile phone number, is the ability to be able to forward your text messages to your email or a URL.

Virtual Fax numbers

Virtual fax numbers enable you to receive faxes to your email address for FREE! The faxes come in a PDF format, and you won’t be required to install any specialist equipment to use this service!

Multichannel virtual numbers

An ideal solution for businesses, as it enables you to receive several calls at one time via multiple lines. So they’ll be no more relying on potentially unreliable landline networks!

But that’s not all, make sure to check out the rest of our services on our website, as our services range from low cost numbers, to completely FREE virtual numbers. Simply create a login, choose your number, make a payment, and place your order, it’s as simple as that!