Business owners are interested in the constant growth of a flow of customers. It is necessary to make sure that corporate telephony is powerful enough to serve all customers and that the company is ready to receive many calls from potential clients. VoIP number services are an inexpensive way to quickly create a modern call center. Virtual telephony is suitable for doing business locally, as well as for presenting the company on the international market.

What is a virtual number?

We’ll look briefly at the essence of VoIP numbers. It is a service that allows you to forward calls to another phone number or softphone. You can have the VoIP number of the desired city, country, and mobile operator, and be able to communicate even with foreign subscribers as neighbors. The owner of a virtual solution does not need to purchase a SIM card.

The number is not tied to a device or location, but is assigned to the user. You stay connected and do not pay for roaming, even while traveling abroad.

If a company connects a virtual national, city or mobile number, then subscribers will be billed at local rates. This also applies to international calls. The VoIP number makes it easier for entrepreneurs to build a global service, enter new markets, and serve customers remotely. The company will not have to open a physical office in another country, which can be financially unprofitable.

How does a VoIP number work?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP, which means your phone calls will be transmitted over the Internet protocol. VoIP technology refers to a variety of IP telephony that has begun to replace the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

If we consider how VoIP telephony for offices is set up and compare it to analog telephony, the main difference is you don't need to install equipment or connect wire telephone lines, and you can save the associated costs. The cost of calls using virtual numbers can be minimal, since sending voice data over the Internet requires fewer resources.

Virtual numbers functions:

  • Forwarding of international and long-distance calls at the lowest rates (Freezvon provides free forwarding to SIP for many destinations).
  • Cheap outgoing calls within the country and abroad via SIP telephony.
  • Receiving and sending SMS (forwarding to email and URL is free).
  • Fax reception (PDF files are sent to email).

What is used for calls?

VoIP telephony offers flexibility in the choice of devices for communication. You can connect an IP phone for corporate purposes. It looks like a traditional desk phone and has many features (queue management, call hold, forwarding, outgoing SIP calls, etc.). It’s easy to connect to the network via cable or Wi-Fi.

If the entrepreneur plans to reduce additional costs, then it is worth choosing a suitable softphone. It’s an application that is installed on a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Free versions of Zoiper or X-Lite softphones may be enough for work.

The user can assign incoming calls to be forwarded to any other mobile or landline number, in addition to having a SIP account or IP phone. This option may be required by an entrepreneur during work or touristic trips abroad to keep in touch with colleagues and family.

Features of virtual numbers

Let’s consider what a VoIP number is used for to understand the reasons a business needs IP telephony.

  • A call center organization with a multichannel line. Customers can call toll-free number (800) support at no charge.
  • Creation of a virtual office in a foreign country.
  • Negotiating with foreign partners and suppliers.
  • Exchange of business documents via a virtual fax number.
  • Sending SMS to clients (carried out through Freezvon personal account).
  • Consolidation of branches in different cities or countries into a single corporate telephone network.

As you can see from the above-mentioned list of features, VoIP numbers have a wide range of functions, due to which they are used by both private entrepreneurs and business structures.

Benefits of using virtual numbers for business

Business needs to be flexible, adapt quickly, and optimize derivative costs. VoIP services help entrepreneurs keep their business under control, even when they have to work remotely (as the virtual number and IP PBX features are accessed online).

The use of IP telephony allows.

  1. Reduce telephone payments.
  2. Simplify communication with customers.
  3. Optimize the work of the call center.
  4. Plan further business development by analyzing statistics and records of conversations with customers to identify key service requests and problems.

VoIP numbers can be synchronized with CRM systems (Bitrix24 and others) in order to create a customer base, save, and manage incoming requests. Therefore, you will have information on the number of calls per day and the duration and cost of calls, which is stored in the Freezvon virtual number statistics. Operators also will be able to make notes on customer requests so that the sales department can later use the information for repeat business.

Fixed and non-fixed VoIP

Virtual telephony has changed the perceptions of entrepreneurs about the need to maintain an office. A company today can conduct a global business by focusing on remote work without the need to create its physical offices.

A VoIP number brings the possibility for an organization to demonstrate its presence in the market of any country. However, there is a practice in some states that an IP telephony provider will ask you to indicate the physical address in order to activate a virtual number. This procedure is called a fixed VoIP number and the user needs to provide the address of his/her location, company office, or billing address. At the same time, fixed VoIP allows the free movement of the number’s owner.

The reason for the fixed numbers’ appearance is that they allow you to match the location of the subscriber with the user of the phone, which means that such numbers are less likely to be used by scammers.

Non-fixed VoIP numbers are much easier to get as providers don’t require registering a physical address. The Freezvon provider may offer both types of services, depending on users’ preferences.

It is important to consider that some countries conduct personal identification when connecting virtual telephony services, so the user should provide a passport or ID card during registration. Examine the matter more closely here.

Office telephony

Small and large companies can order a virtual PBX for corporate communication that works through a cloud server. It will be possible to manage incoming calls, forwarding, set up a call queue, and make outgoing low-cost calls via SIP telephony. A toll-free internal line will be available for employees to exchange information among themselves or even participate in conference calls.

The possibilities of virtual numbers can be expanded by connecting additional services. Freezvon provides the following services.

  • Voicemail. It brings the possibility to save voice messages in case the owner of the number is busy.
  • Background music. Such a solution replaces the boring dial tone.
  • Conditional call forwarding. It allows you to change the route of incoming calls. For example, calls can be forwarded to voicemail at a later time.
  • IVR menu. The subscriber can choose in tone mode whether he/she wants to listen to the information or directly talk to the operator.
  • Welcome. A voice greeting will meet customers and inform them about the company’s working hours or voice promotions.
  • Callback widgets. A callback button on the site improves the number of requests from customers who can leave a query for communication with the manager.
  • Click to Call widget. The user saves time due to the possibility to call from the site because he/she does not need to manually dial a number to contact and get help from a specialist.

The company chooses multi-channel numbers to process requests in parallel by two or more managers. Ordering a virtual PBX service is beneficial for both large and small businesses. IP PBX is connected immediately with a package of options and additional services can be configured independently. You can also contact Freezvon specialists to seek advice.

It is easier to scale a business with a cloud telephone station, especially when the number of telephony users grows. It’s not a secret that additional numbers, channels, or SIP accounts are needed.

How to order a VoIP number?

If you have concluded that VoIP telephony is exactly what your business lacked, then connecting a virtual number will not take much time. You can get VoIP numbers for more than 120 countries on the Freezvon website and 24/7 support will help you choose exactly those options that will satisfy your company’s needs.

Register, replenish your balance, and start choosing the desired number to receive the service. Different types of numbers for calls (national, city, mobile, and toll-free numbers (800)) may be available for each country. Numbers for fax and SMS getting/sending also can be connected. The user is able to issue service for one month or for a longer period (then discounts will be provided).

The choice of the forwarding type will affect the cost of the service. Forwarding to SIP is free for most destinations. Request a free SIP account after connecting a number for calls.

Freezvon virtual PBX provides a seven-day trial period for the service or you can immediately arrange the service by choosing the appropriate package of options. Explore the functional peculiarities on the page. Activation of IP PBX occurs within three business days.

VoIP telephony provider Freezvon will help you get a telephone connection that is optimal in price and meets high-quality standards.