Want to make cheap calls, improve business and communication and not overpay for roaming? then SIP-telephony will help you combine all the positive qualities and use communication via the Internet without restrictions. To use SIP telephony, you need to install a softphone that matches your operating system. For Windows mobile, these are the following applications:

Each of the applications is freely available and you can download and install the softphone for free.

List of SIP applications for Windows mobile


Thanks to the free SIP-application Zoiper, you can make free calls to any destination. This application has gained popularity in many countries, so you can choose the Russian language and understand the program for the minimum amount of time. Make cheap calls without roaming, receive calls for free, exchange messages and many more features. To install the softphone you need only a few minutes. All you need is:

  • Sign up for Freezvon;
  • Top up the balance;
  • Select the desired number;
  • Set call routing on SIP to receive them through Zoiper;
  • Confirm order;
  • Start using SIP telephony.


Convenient application with its intuitive interface and high-quality operation. Roaming is a thing of the past, as now SIP-telephony will be a profitable replacement where you can call to any destination. Thanks to this application you can:

  • make cheap calls;
  • accept calls from any direction for free;
  • stay in touch;
  • forward calls;
  • view call history.

These and many other functions are constantly being improved so that your communication is always at a high level.

Having examined softphones closer, we can conclude that both applications are beneficial for communication and use. Choose any free SIP application to use.