Purchase of landline phone number in actual country online. Landline number is widely used in business and private communication, this is a way of talking that allows making calls with minimum expenses within appropriate region. We suggest you to buy virtual number with redirecting of calls to mobile, other fixed phone or SIP.

Usage of this service is available in any country, it has no territory attachment and remain unchangeable in case of removal. Moreover, this service is possible as for legal entity as for private individual.

Connecting virtual landline number online will give you a permission to have successful calling processes at highest quality. Order this service with needed country code, our list consists of 120 foreign states, where you can connect our VoIP telephony features.

Landline telephone number: working moment

This kind of number will provide you with receiving/making calls without heavy and expensive equipment. Local subscribers will be able to call you at region rates, even if you are out of the country. VoIP – telephony permits readdressing the calls to any possible corner of the world, any destination. For getting calls, set all parameters of forwarding in personal account. There are such courses for calls receiving:

  • Cell or landline telephone (paid service);
  • SIP (IP-telephone) without paying for redirecting.
Get landline virtual number for online usage

Virtual landline number

In order to use SIP-telephony, get an account from our team, download special app as Zoiper or Xlite to your PC, tablet or mobile. Change of settings is possible only via our personal cabinet anytime. There you can also order a range of additional features. Calling intercity and internationally is accessible via SIP-account. When you connect Caller ID, your number digits will be visible to your subscribers.

Complete virtual telephone service including unlimited inbound calls to abroad. Call cheaper, at local rates to any country you need. Order a SIP-account with all useful settings, download Zoiper or Xlite for making calls internationally.

Benefit of purchasing landline number

You got a possibility to use this number of any region or country. Stay always available and move to any destinations. Buying landline number will guarantee such profits:

  • NO using a SIM-card;
  • Absence of supplementary appliances as wires etc.;
  • You are not attached locally;
  • Region locals can call you at internal rates;
  • Accepting important calls will be set any period of time.

There is also an ability to add several lines in order to get simultaneous calls.

Costs of landline Freezvon number

Prices for virtual home local number and fees depend on your region attachment. List of all numbers you can see here.

Pricing for redirecting of inbound calls, installed by Freezvon, from local to cell phone are presented here with SIP calls.

Create accounts on your own, set additional services working process, order internal numbers for free conversations with colleagues with our virtual PBX station. More info check here.

Our managers are always on-line, so you can contact them anytime. Ask them your questions and solve difficult situation together. We are ready to create ideal conditions for your IP-telephony usage. Our technical team is open 24 hours per day for helping you all the time you need for having successful and beneficial telecommunication.