Restaurants that deliver food are highly competitive, and if the process of taking orders via phone call is set up badly, it will spoil the customers' impression. Knowing how to use VoIP telephony to present the service, helps delivery services to create a successful customer experience and grow the volume of regular customers.

Why VoIP is Convenient for Food Delivery Services

When a person calls a restaurant, they want to make an order immediately, without waiting in a queue. If a delivery service relies solely on mobile numbers, it risks losing a customer due to busy lines. But with virtual VoIP numbers, you have several channels, enabling agents to take orders simultaneously.

VoIP telephony for business is a cost-effective solution. The operational principle of virtual telephony lies in call routing through the Internet. Thanks to this, there is no need for additional telephony equipment, call rates for incoming and outgoing calls are low, and it's easy to set up various helpful features. Voice quality is high. Companies need to make sure Internet bandwidth is at least 60 Mbps.

Improve Sales by Using Virtual Telephony

To process calls quicker and sell more, you should configure integration between a virtual number and CRM. When a telephone number receives a call, you can check if a new customer is calling you or a customer who is in the CRM system already.

VoIP telephony enables call recording services. By analyzing customer communication experience, you prepare optimal sales scripts. It makes sense to offer a more personalized service for regular customers because customer preferences are saved in CRM and the agent will be quicker in sending the order to the kitchen. And during a call with a new customer, leading questions can help with the conversation flow.

In addition to developing a personal approach, there are other ways to improve your food delivery service thanks to virtual telephony:

Centralized Management of a Restaraunt Chain

Virtual PBX service allows managing all calls and configuring additional features helping in improving the client service. IP PBX is suitable for independent restaurants with delivery services just as well as companies working through a franchise.

One of the options that allow building the process of taking orders from different cities is call forwarding to a central office. When the call center receives calls, operators communicate with customers, and after taking the order, they pass them up to the regional restaurants. Distributing tasks in this manner allows saving resources: restaurant employees will immediately start fulfilling the order and then pass it on to delivery.

Keep Your Spending Under Control

Freezvon virtual phone number has very detailed call statistics. You will be able to track all incoming and outgoing calls, their length, cost. It is not only for call center operations, you will be able to control delivery service as well. You need to request separate SIP accounts for deliverypersons and install an app for calls (softphone) on their smartphones. Then the employees will use corporate telephony instead of their own phone number and personal funds.

Warm the Customers Up During the Greeting

Before a customer gets to talk to a call center agent and makes an order, they can be introduced to hot offers of the restaurant. You can do that by simply configuring a greeting message. It's important to keep things short, think it through. Then you will not ruin the mood of the customer, more than that, a promotional offer for their order will help to warm their appetite.

Drive Sales Up by Leveraging Wait Time

To make the wait time feel less lengthy to customers, call centers use background music. But if instead of a melody you record an audio file with a special, time-sensitive, offer to motivate customers to order from this menu. Required configurations can be added quickly through a virtual PBX, adding new audio files with fresh offers in real-time.

Strengthening Loyalty

To build loyalty and turn new customers into repeat customers, you can send SMS with promo codes for a new order. You can do it by connecting a virtual SMS number. At the same time, VoIP technology allows forwarding SMS to email or URL for free.

A Policy of Reducing Missed Calls

If a restaurant spends a lot of money advertising its food and delivery service but does not process missed calls, then this is an inefficient use of the budget. All missed calls are recorded in the virtual number statistics. Therefore, if call center operators call back to people whose calls they missed, they expand the circle of potentially loyal customers who will be glad that they were not ignored.

The use of virtual telephony will help restaurants create an enjoyable customer experience. Thanks to a well-thought-out ordering process, you will increase the level of convenience of your service so that customers will gladly return again. Connecting a virtual number takes about 24 hours (depending on the type of the number, the country). Contact Freezvon VoIP experts for advice on the service package to help achieve your sales goals faster.