Companies use toll-free 800 numbers to improve service levels and take care of the convenience of customers (subscribers can call this number for free). Having an 800 toll-free virtual number will make it easier to promote your business (because as the number of customers grows, the need for new staff for the call center increases). It is much more convenient to process calls with such a multichannel number.

What does toll-free mean?

The term “toll-free call” means a call free of charges for the caller. The principle of the mentioned number is that its owner (not the caller) pays for all incoming calls. This number has no limit on the number of channels, and therefore it is often ordered for a hotline so that support managers can serve several clients at the same time.

Toll-free features

Freezvon’s 800 virtual number is based on VoIP telephony. This provides several advantages over analog numbers.

  • Good communication quality.
  • Only the Internet is needed for calls (the company does not have to install telephone equipment).
  • You can order a toll-free virtual number from a foreign country if your clients are abroad.
  • The user chooses the type of call forwarding that is convenient for him/her.

The company does not need to install a telephone cable in a new place in case of changing the office. The VoIP number can be used anywhere as it is not tied to the physical location.

How to receive calls to the 800 toll-free number?

Virtual numbers are based on the principle of call forwarding. The incoming call processing is as follows.

  • The caller dials the toll-free number.
  • VoIP telephony sends a signal to the Freezvon provider’s server.
  • The call is forwarded to the destination indicated by the owner of the number.

Call center owners prefer to order a virtual PBX service (together with the 800 toll-free number) which allows them to configure the ways for calls to be distributed between operators.

There are some available forwarding methods.

  • Mobile or landline phone.
  • IP phone.
  • SIP client (for laptop, PC, or smartphone).

Call forwarding can be changed on demand. It’s better to order conditional call forwarding to the toll-free number. This service will allow you to set certain conditions when you have to change the receiving device. For example, if a company does not have a 24/7 support center, then incoming calls from customers can be directed to voicemail after business hours.

Making calls from the 800 toll-free number

You will be charged by the minute with no connection fees when you make a call through a toll-free number. The duration of each conversation can be viewed in the statistics section of your Freezvon account.

It is necessary to install SIP applications on all work computers where you want to use telephony, for example, Zoiper, X-lite, or any other. Activate SIP accounts after downloading the software. You can request Freezvon support team to make a SIP account for each user.

What are the conditions for the connection of a toll-free number?

There are more than 120 countries available on Freezvon for which you can create a virtual number and most of the destinations offer the opportunity to get an 800 toll-free number. However, remember that you need to provide identification documents to get the service.

Additional services for toll-free 800 virtual number

What is a toll-free number for a modern company? This is a tool that allows you to serve customers on a professional level, regardless of where the company itself is located. Additional services will help the call center to work smoothly and without failures.

It will be easier for you to manage SIP accounts by creating extension numbers using a virtual PBX. Such a telephone exchange works through a web application. You can build a call center (even when you have several branches in different countries) using the 800 toll-free number and IP PBX that works smartly and smoothly. Virtual PBX allows you to set up a voice IVR menu. When a client calls the company, he/she will be able to choose via the menu which regional branch or which specialist to transfer the call to.

Virtual PBX includes access to most of the additional options, but you can order service connections separately.

Freezvon Company offers the following services for the 800 toll-free number.

  • Voice mail.
  • Conference calls (available to IP PBX users).
  • Greeting message.
  • Callback widget.
  • Call recording.

Check out the full list of additional services here.

How to connect a toll-free 800 number?

A business that offers free calls helps to establish a simple dialogue with customers and partners. If you are looking for long-term work, toll-free 800 virtual numbers will be a rational choice, as it is easier to scale your business with them. You can get detailed advice by contacting round-the-clock support.