All business issues can be resolved during an online conference when negotiators are in different locations. This meeting can be with video or audio only, as it depends on the goals. We will analyze the possibilities of each method and try to find out the ways to choose the most suitable type of conference.

How Does the Video Conference Format Work?

The video conferencing service starts when two or more users establish a connection through a special program that broadcasts sound and video. The conference organizer, for example, the head of the company, can share the screen during the meeting with the participants, demonstrate presentations, and exchange links and files in a chat. Video conferencing capabilities will vary by application and subscription selected.

Video conferencing is a type of communication where the quality of pictures and sound is important. That is why cameras, microphones, or headphones with a headset may be required to organize such a meeting so that there is no noise during the communication session.

Why Do You Need a Video Conferencing Service?

Video calls are used in some situations.

  • Group interviews with several job applicants.
  • Employee training.
  • Conducting business negotiations by demonstrating charts and presenting the company to clients and partners.
  • Team meetings or remote team building.

Pros and Cons of Video Calls

The advantage of video conferencing is that participants can see each other’s non-verbal clues and better understand the way the conversational partner perceives information. By the way, late participants or those people who were not present can review the recording of the meeting.

However, video conferencing also has disadvantages. Participants are not always in a location with good Internet coverage, which should provide a clear picture and sound. Some people feel uncomfortable when they go live on video. In addition, the organization of such a meeting is a more expensive process in terms of cost and time.

What Is a Conference Call Service, and How Does It Work?

You can order a conference call service on Freezvon. It allows several users to communicate but not see each other during the call. This service is activated for a virtual number based on VoIP technology.

Freezvon provides different types of phone numbers - mobile, landline, and toll-free numbers. They help businesses to present themselves as local ones in any country, since the VoIP number will have a particular area code.

Virtual numbers use the Internet to transfer data without connecting to a telephone line. You should use a SIP account that is issued to a VoIP number to organize an online meeting via a conference call.

What Devices are Needed to Start an Audio Conference?

Multiparty conferencing can work from both an IP phone and a SIP application. That is why you need to download an application for calls to your computer or smartphone (Zoiper and Bria are recommended).

Invited users may not have a SIP account, for example, when you are holding a meeting with investors and business partners. They can connect via a mobile or fixed network only with the help of an access code and your phone number.

Advantages of the Conference Call Service

The audio conference service is suitable for team communication when it is important to focus on conveying the message rather than the visual component. At the same time, participants do not even need to use additional programs to launch such a meeting. Conference calls start immediately from the virtual PBX. There are some advantages of this VoIP telephony solution.

  • Conference calling is activated without a complex technique. All you need is a phone or any other gadget with Internet access.
  • It offers excellent audibility. All VoIP resources are focused on transmitting sound, but not images.
  • The audio conference allows you to invite a high number of participants.
  • The conferencing technology is secure. It is more difficult for fraudsters to intercept the call, and the VoIP provider creates conditions for telephone network protection.

What Type of Online Conference to Choose From?

Freezvon IP PBX users can add conference call features to their package. This way of communication is great in situations where you need to tell important information and save participants’ time. The cost of calls is reasonable since the service works due to SIP telephony.

Video calls have a large number of options. Such meetings are more like face-to-face encounters because it is easier to perceive information via visual reinforcement. Although this method requires more preparation and financial costs, it’s not always convenient for small businesses. The user has to check out different programs, install them, and choose a convenient application for all conference participants among those offered.

It is important to note that both ways of organizing a group discussion will be relevant for certain tasks. Contact Freezvon technical support specialists for a consultation on services and the ways to order a conference call for your virtual number. Additional services can also be connected via the user’s account.