When you organize communication between colleagues and customers of your company well, your work goes better and more effective. In this article, we are going to tell you more concerning extension number (internal) is designated to identify what operator and from what department will talk to concrete subscriber.

This service helps to save money and time of customer. It’s convenient that every department will spend time only for target client. Freezvon Company offers learning more about IP-telephony, especially about beneficial sides of extension numbers with call forwarding feature.

What is extension phone number?

That is a short code including several digits, which belong to each department or appropriate company employee. In other words, extension number is always ordered for organizing work with client in most effective way. Such service will underline company individuality, client won’t need to wait for free operator. The digits of company or concrete department is unchangeable, it contains:

  • Principal number of company;
  • Extension number connecting subscriber with needed department or personally with employee.

Extension number for employee consists of 4 digits. First couple of digits is a number of subdivision in a list of redirection, another couple of digits is personal number of employee. This number can belong to mobile of employee, special application, program and landline.

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Extension virtual phone number

How extension telephone number works?

Client calls to principal company phone, then listens to voicemenu and pick needed department, program redirects call to suitable destination. As a result, subscriber has an access to every company operator, it’s just obligatory to pick needed section. Redirecting of inbound calls can be done in two ways. Ordinary forwarding – first free operator accepts a call and try to solve a problem of customer, if he can’t do that, he just redirect a call to another competent specialist.

Why you need extension number?

Standard PBX with function of “extension number” will permit you to organize virtual office. Such office is moneysaving solution and a way to internal telecommunication. Every employee will obtain as many extension numbers as he needs for effective work. You can also get a virtual number and order a voicemenu for organizing work of your company department. In such way, you increase customers’ flow, income and create favorable conditions for colleagues.

How to dial extension number?

In order to contact appropriate department or manager you need to dial full principal number, then voicemail machine works which demands you to pass into tonal regime. We need to mention that from landline phone this operation is impossible. On wire appliance there is special changer that will transfer into tonal regime. In wireless case, transferring is done via menu. Algorithm of dialing using cell phone:

  • Dial principal number;
  • Listen to message via voicemail machine;
  • Dial the number.

Sometimes you may face with mistaken connection to wrong department, but you don’t need to make action one more time. More information you may get from our technical managers team.

In order to make work of corporation more effective and give it a solid reputation, just get extension number from Freezvon. We offer you a big choice of virtual numbers for over 120 countries. Moreover, you will be able to control your telephony on your own creating virtual PBX station with big variety of useful telephone services as SIP accounts, free DID numbers, ivr menu etc.

Costs for virtual phone numbersHow to get extension virtual number

Concerning some confusing moments, you may contact our technical team that works 24 hours per day, just find us via Skype, live chat online, email or by telephone. We are working only for pleasure of our customers using VoIP telephony services and features from Freezvon. We are happy to give you all possible comfort and benefits in telecommunication process.