This article will be useful for future users of cloud telephony. Nowadays, most enterprisers face to such notions as Cloud telephony, VoIP-telephony, and virtual PBX, but some of them have no idea what is it.

We as a provider of cloud telephony want to tell you concerning its influence on your business, telecommunication affairs and telephony system development.

If you are ready to install virtual IP PBX this material will be suitable for you. Freezvon offers to setup this service in order to become successful user of virtual telephony features. Freezvon presents ideal solution for better office functioning with big variety of telephone services called PBX system. It includes such features as internal numbers for free communication, unlimited SIP-accounts, IVR interactive menu, own IP-address, recording of calls, free DID number, monitoring of telephone conversations. More about this service you can see here.

What is cloud telephony for telecommunication?

That is telephony system of the company that provides connection of internal numbers to external telephone lines and mobile networks (in general all work telephones of your colleagues). Virtual PBX is a service that replaces physical office telephone station. Client receives IP PBX. In case of virtual PBX all equipment and software are expanded from operator, subscriber connects PBX via Internet. Cloud telephony helps to organize telephone system and create convenient conditions for communication between subscribers. So but why business needs cloud telephony?

Profits of cloud telephony for big business

Install cloud telephony services

Cloud telephony

When you need to create an image of serious corporation, this solution is extremely yours. On several sites there are local numbers and other numbers of all departments, this is authoritative and solid, isn’t it? Cloud telephony helps to improve image and create from small company a big one. You will obtain local numbers and it’s possible to create numbers for your departments as well (even if you don’t have them). This system permits receiving calls to one number on several devices or destinations. If one member of staff doesn’t answer, another one can do it. So let’s underline main advantages:

  • It’s possible to create an image of big company;
  • Clients quantity will grow;
  • Money saving servicing;
  • NO additional cost equipment;
  • Availability of several telephone features;
  • Monitoring of staff work and optimizing working process;
  • No geographical dependence to physical place.

How cloud telephony service works?

This virtual station works via Internet on base of IP-protocol, so if you have excellent web connection it goes. Virtual PBX is software that you can install according to your own wishes and needs. It is not attached to physical place, so subscriber can use it everywhere (office, home or just walking around the street). SIP service is a part of cloud telephony system. For using this feature, you need to get SIP account, download program, setup call forwarding to SIP and save money on calls.

All other additional features are available on our site, so you can check them too. Concerning info about prices of virtual telephony you can learn here.

After that you can order the necessary additional services.

Order virtual PBX telecommunication service

For more details or other questions concerning installation or costs contact our technical support via Skype, live chat, email address or by phone number. Select cloud telephony for reaching your goals in every sphere of life and contact us!