Any entrepreneur who welcomes the opportunity to communicate at reasonable rates for calls within their country and abroad should purchase VoIP services. Such an opportunity is provided by a non-fixed VoIP number, which outwardly will be identical to the numbers of the country that you choose. Let's take a closer look at the features of the service and what benefits you get for both personal use and your business.

What is Non-Fixed VoIP?

The very concept of VoIP telephony means that the Internet is used to transfer voice data, and not traditional public networks (PSTN). Connecting analog telephony to the office is a long and expensive process. It is necessary to invest in the installation of telephone cables, special equipment. And VoIP telephony allows you to avoid these costs, it is enough to connect a virtual number of a country where you have clients or a team.

If we talk about a fixed VoIP number, it resembles fixed analog numbers more, since such a VoIP number is tied to the user's geographic location. The virtual telephony provider specifies the address where the number is registered.

Based on the features of fixed VoIP, it is not difficult to conclude what non-fixed VoIP means. With this type of service, you connect a virtual number of another country while outside its borders. And you don't need to register an address.

There will be no obvious differences between non-fixed and fixed numbers. Freezvon offers both types of services.

When are Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers Used?

Non-fixed VoIP meaning a virtual number you can connect from anywhere, and you don't need a specific address for that, is more flexible than a fixed one. And in many cases, this flexibility is a game-changer for business. For example, when the legal address of the company is changed, the company won’t have to get a new contact number, because the owner of the number remains the same.

The same goes for businessmen who often travel on business. For example, an entrepreneur from Kyiv has a virtual mobile number in Ukraine and needs to go to the United States for negotiations. Family, colleagues will be able to call this Ukrainian VoIP number, the call will be forwarded to the entrepreneur's mobile number or SIP app on their smartphone. Such calls, for the caller, will be charged at local rates, not international ones.

Here are some more cost-effective non-fixed VoIP use cases:

  1. The company has several branches. Using VoIP numbers, you can link regional offices into one corporate telephone network. Calls from customers will go to the company's virtual number, and the IVR service allows subscribers to choose which branch they need to transfer the call to. In addition to VoIP numbers, businesses often purchase a virtual PBX. And with it, employees of one office can contact colleagues from the branch via extensions for free.
  2. The company plans to introduce its services to a foreign market. When organizing a virtual office in another country, to provide services to its residents, it is better to connect a VoIP number. It makes it easier for a company to establish a local presence and establish trust with customers.

How Non-Fixed VoIP Works

Calls to a non-fixed VoIP number are transmitted over the Internet. For this, the sound of the caller's speech is converted by codecs and sent to the VoIP server of the Freezvon provider as a digital file. The provider will forward this data according to the settings specified by the owner of the virtual number. When the data packets reach the recipient, they are converted back to speech.

The devices to which incoming calls are forwarded can be:

  • Cellphones and landlines;
  • IP phones;
  • SIP app installed on a smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet.

SIP-telephony offers optimal conditions. For many destinations, call forwarding to SIP will be free, and outgoing calls can be made at reasonable rates. And several people can make outgoing calls at the same time if a SIP account is created for each user.

For call centers, companies often purchase multichannel numbers or Toll-Free numbers. In this case, agents can receive calls from multiple clients, even at the same time. In addition, a Toll-Free number allows customers to call support for free because the costs are shouldered by the company.

There's also a great demand for SMS and FAX features of virtual numbers. Using it makes receiving messages from outside of the country inexpensive, for example, from a supplier when you're expecting goods. You can set up SMS forwarding to URL or Email free of charge or a mobile phone number on a paid basis. You can send a reply from a web interface in your Freezvon account. Faxes could only be forwarded to email. This service is free of charge and does not require a fax machine. The fax is saved as a PDF file.

Perks of Non-Fixed VoIP numbers

Businesses are switching to VoIP telephony more frequently because they don't want to be limited by location or be afraid of large telephone bills, and because they want to remain mobile. Many companies are allowing employees to work from home. And with a non-fixed VoIP number, business owners can be sure that they are keeping costs and service levels under control thanks to a variety of useful tools.

Here are the main benefits for virtual telephony users:

  • Optimal price-performance ratio in terms of voice quality and service cost;
  • Simple and fast connection of a number right from your office, home, or anywhere, really;
  • Affordable additional services that make using VoIP easier;
  • Secure communications and confidentiality of a personal number;
  • Simplifying customer communication with free Callback or Click-to-call widgets;
  • Scalability of your business with lesser cost.

Additional Services for a Non-Fixed VoIP Number

You should optimize tasks wherever possible to keep your team productive. Additional VoIP services help with that:

  • IVR. If an IVR is responsible for call forwarding instead of your employees, it will free their time to focus on solving customer requests. It will help customers to independently choose which department they need to contact, activating forwarding by dialing the corresponding digit in tone mode;
  • Callback widget. Those who installed a Callback widget report an increase in the conversion of leads to sales. Callback allows an interested client (a warm lead) to instantly contact a company representative - without phone charges;
  • Call recordings. If you notice that your sales have dropped, it is worth examining how managers communicate with customers. By recording the conversation, you can understand if an agent needs additional training. And having a backup of a conversation where the terms of the deal were discussed will be useful for resolving possible disputes with clients.

You can find more on other Freezvon services (voicemail, background music, conditional call forwarding, black and white lists) here.

How to Connect a Non-Fixed VoIP Number and Other Features?

You can order a virtual number on Freezvon in a few steps:

  • Sign up for the website;
  • Top up your balance;
  • Select the country and type of forwarding for the number.

Please note that for some destinations it is necessary to provide documents - these are the equirements set by different countries concerning VoIP services.

Enabling telephone communications for your office won't take a lot of time if you're using a virtual PBX. By subscribing to this service, you will receive not only a non-fixed VoIP number of the required type, but you will also have immediate access to a range of additional services.

A virtual PBX does not need equipment - its operation is taken care of by the Freezvon, so you do not bear the cost of updating the software. Your team will be able to use extensions to communicate with each other and attend online meetings for multiple people via conference calls.

If you want Freezvon representatives to draw a personalized proposal for VoIP telephony for you, please contact the 24/7 support service by phone or via online chat.