Does your site still have a single mobile number to contact? If the answer is yes, there’s no surprise, then, that your cell phone is rarely silent when customers want to get through to you. This situation is one of the signs that it’s time to use professional call center telephony tools to offer customers the service they expect.

Using IP telephony when you solve customer issues will improve their satisfaction. This is because you’re not getting just a virtual number to receive incoming calls, but a VoIP service with multiple features to improve your work, increase conversion, and catch customer’s attention.

Signs Your Store Needs a Professional Call Center

One Person Can’t Handle So Many Calls

Small business owners often have to do everything themselves when creating a store (customize a website, communicate with customers, and keep records). It happens that the store during the first months after opening attracts new customers and calls consume the attention the manager has to direct to other aspects of the business. It’s time to delegate the tasks of handling calls to the call center manager in this situation.

You need to keep statistics to understand the number of people needed to process all calls and orders. A virtual number has detailed statistics, unlike mobile numbers. Moreover, several operators can work with one number and serve more customers because there are a few channels for incoming and outgoing calls and flexible forwarding.

Long Response Time

Creating a call center is important because customers are now very demanding of the speed of response. If the store will continue to use only mobile or landline analog communications and make customers wait a long time, they will go to competitors.

You need a virtual PBX to quickly manage a lot of calls. Then all calls will be evenly distributed among free managers, providing an optimal load. Operators can even work remotely since a virtual PBX uses cloud technologies and can be accessed via a browser. You will also have the opportunity to inform subscribers and catch their attention using the voice greeting service. It’s easy to tell customers about promotions and discounts. Such a solution will interest them and won’t let them get bored waiting in line.

It is easy for virtual PBX users to scale the call center when they hire more employees as their business grows. They can have up to 100 internal lines to forward calls, and manage several external lines (phone numbers) with the help of call queues, IVRs, and call forwarding scenarios. And if you’re not using a virtual PBX yet, you can get new SIP accounts or numbers from Freezvon.

You Have a Chat, but Few Customers Use It

It can be a good idea to use online chat, as this form of communication can be convenient for your customers. However, chat won’t be popular when the manager does not respond quickly and the client has to wait for him to connect (or if the bot is poorly automated). Telephone communication is a universal way of communication when people need one-on-one conversation with a real person.

Freezvon virtual number allows you to quickly respond to customer requests. You definitely know how a call center works (you receive direct calls from buyers and the task of operators is to satisfy requests). Nevertheless, customers will also be able to contact the store through the Callback widget, in addition to direct calls to the call center by a phone number. It can be installed on the site for free and is a beneficial solution. When a user is looking for information on a product, there’s no need to go to the Contacts section. Click on the Callback button and the manager will call the customer back.

It Takes More Time to Decide to Buy

Customers need to do more research before deciding whether to order a complex or expensive product. That is why it is important to involve the store manager in time, who will explain all the benefits of the product and service. The client can instantly contact the manager through the Click to Call widget.

Where to Start to Improve Customer Service?

Small businesses have a limited budget. You need to carefully think through the updates to improve the service, but do not waste your money. A virtual call center and a call recording service will make it easier to do this. You can find out what customers are missing by analyzing conversations with them. In addition, your managers can make outgoing calls with high voice quality to find out what buyers think about the services. Using a virtual number for calls is cheaper than using an analog connection.

You Want to Keep Track of Your Customers

The sooner the store starts storing customer information, the better it will be able to personalize the service. It’s easy to launch promotional offers based on the portrait of the buyer. Statistics are generated and contacts of subscribers who have applied to the call center are also saved for each call to a virtual number. You need to use a CRM to organize this data. It’s easy to synchronize Freezvon virtual numbers with the Bitrix24 service. Then managers will be able to track the number in the customer base and enter information about each transaction.

How to Start a Call Center for a Store?

IP telephony is a low-budget option to organize a call center for an online store. Freezvon is here to help build long-term relationships with your customers. We allow you to connect virtual numbers for calls, SMS and faxes, multichannel toll-free numbers 800, virtual PBX, and other VoIP services at affordable rates. Freezvon technical support will help you to configure telephony correctly. Contact us at any time.