Thanks to SIP-telephony, we have the opportunity to make cheap calls abroad and receive calls for free, improve the quality of business and communication. In order to use SIP-telephony services, you need to download and install SIP-applications for your operating system (OS) or mobile phone, get a sip-account for free, make the necessary settings and start using it.

There are many such programs, and the most convenient and beneficial for Windows are:

Next, we will see each of the programs in detail.

List of SIP Applications for Windows


A software softphone that is suitable for Windows will provide you high-quality communication. Linphone App Enhances Quality images on low-quality channels, there is a multilingual interface, including English. You can make settings yourself, and do not worry about application crashes, developers are all time improve speed and quality of communication.

PortSip (PortGo)

Another convenient application is PortSip. Thanks to this application You can use any SIP-telephony services. Simple interface the convenience of use. It is used when making calls, in order to clients could call you back, you need to configure routing for this SIP application.


In this application, you will be able to track the history of the call, receive for free calls. It is convenient in that it suits many operating systems. With this With the application you make calls at the lowest rates.

Bria Solo

Bria Solo is a softphone developed by CounterPath based on good old X-lite. The main difference between this softphone and various others is that a SIP account or extension is set up online on the platform's website and not in the app. This feature makes using the same SIP account or extension on different devices convenient. You won't have to fill in your SIP login, password, and domain in the app. The authentication uses login (email) and password from your account at CounterPath.

This is also helpful to users that have less experience with VoIP telephony. This way, an IT team member or a VoIP engineer could set up settings for the end user, who only has to use their email and password to log in.

Bria Solo has free and premium versions. Subscription is paid on the CounterPath website and is not related to Freezvon subscription or call charges.

All applications are equally convenient and useful to use. You choose which application is most convenient for you. Communicate profitably and cheaply thanks to SIP applications.