Many companies implement automated technologies in order to increase the level of customer service. What is a IVR system? It’s one of these modern solutions. If you have ever contacted a bank, you have probably come across it. However, it is used not only in financial structures, but also in other areas of business.

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What does IVR mean? It’s a tool for routing calls and providing self-service for typical customer inquiries, as well as collecting useful information. The phone IVR system works as a multi-level interactive voice menu, in which the customer can go to the proposed sections using a tone dial and receive responses to his/her questions in the form of pre-recorded voice messages. In other words, this is a service that provides subscribers with the necessary information without the participation of an operator.

The IVR stands for the interactive voice response, it helps the client solve simple questions independently or to connect the customer to the call center operators – in fact, this is the area where it works in tandem with the call center’s ACD technology. The advanced IVR for call center has the function of voice synthesis and recognition, so the client’s requests are processed even if he/she cannot find the desired menu section. Almost all modern IVR systems are equipped with this voice robot option, which makes it easier for the consumer to navigate through the menu items, shorten the time to solve the problem, and avoid customer dissatisfaction.

IVR is a decent solution for a business

What is an IVR phone system? It’s not only the above-mentioned features, as this option can offer call forwarding, an algorithm that provides a multichannel experience for customers by connecting them to a single digital channel. For example, if you use the IVR to pay a bill, it might direct you to a chatbot.

The definition of IVR routing should also be given additional attention. Even though we talk about the popularity of this option in IVR solutions, it works due to the ACD rules of the system. The interactive voice menu routes incoming calls to available agents based on ACD rules that determine which operator a call from a particular customer should go to. Thus, IVR routing is a significant helper for the ACD system, as it can distribute calls using the customer’s voice menu selection, customer data from third-party systems, in addition to different call routing logic for business hours and non-business hours, and even check whether the subscriber’s number is not in the blacklist.

The principle of IVR operation

IVR meaning stands for the voice messages that are pre-recorded for various menu items and standard answers to typical questions, such as the cost of services, work schedule, etc. If the answer is not known in advance (for example, the subscriber wants to know the account balance), language synthesis or phrase assembly is used.

As a result, the subscriber hears a voice message prompting him/her to enter his/her data, switch to the desired department, or listen to important information. The subscriber goes to the desired menu item by pressing the corresponding button on the phone.

How can IVR be useful for a call center?

What does IVR stand for in call center? First of all, the IVR telephone service is the calling card of the company. It helps to attract new customers, increase trust, and provide customers with the necessary information. Possible uses of an IVR for business are:

  • Customer support 24/7. Subscribers can call and get the necessary information at any time, regardless of the company’s work schedule.
  • Saving the working time of employees. Most calls can be directed to specialized professionals without the involvement of a secretary or operator.
  • Automation of business processes. The client can hear personal offers or find out about new services and promotions, whether some particular goods are in stock, etc..
  • Cost-saving. No need to hire additional operators, part of incoming calls can be entrusted to an interactive answering machine.

The interactive voice menu increases the level of loyalty, shows concern for customers, and keeps them on the line. All this contributes to the increase in sales and the success of any business.

How to set up an IVR?

What is IVR? It seems that you will answer this question, and it’s time to know how to perform the setup process. You need to purchase specialized equipment and appropriate software, write the correct texts for menu items, and find and record a pleasant voice that greets customers with every call.

It is important to configure everything so that the service meets the needs of the user as much as possible. It means that you should:

  • Develop a convenient and understandable menu that meets user needs.
  • Add the ability to communicate with the operator in an unusual situation.
  • Configure informing the client about the position in the queue and the waiting time.
  • Configure the use of AI to recognize the client’s language.

As for the musical accompaniment on the menu, the question is ambiguous. Some people like it and some don’t. You should remember to comply with copyright laws when using musical accompaniment.

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IVR is a practical and convenient business solution. Automation of typical tasks frees the staff from unnecessary workloads, and improves the quality of service, which ultimately leads to increased profits. However, this only works when the voice menu is configured correctly and has sufficient functionality. Freezvon specialists will provide a quick launch of IVR for your business with minimal cost and time.

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