That is another one program having the standard functions and services of virtual PBX supporting the telephony of big corporations. That is well-known 3CX is based on the work of unified communications like voicemail, presence identification, receiving faxes, web-conferencing (audio and video). In contrast with traditional PBX, the users of 3CX system on smartphones or PC have free access to all these mentioned above services. Let’s see in details how 3CX features are helpful.

How 3CX system functions?

This alternative PBX system can be used on desktop and smartphone with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android OS for free. It works via SIP protocol and it helps to use VoIP gateways, IP telephony operators and ordinary local phone lines.

Moreover, you are able to download the trial free 3CX system for a year. This version supports about 8 simultaneous conversations and allow building the system of telecommunication for an office with 15-20 people. However, at the same time this version has not integration with your CRM system and does not support fax, status of subscribers, call recording, call queue and others.

What the services of 3CX system exist

Indicating of employees

Using this function, you are able to set the status of your registered profile. You need to finish your work, just install the status via this feature and nobody will disturb you.

Receiving faxes and voicemails

Thanks to this feature, all your faxes will be transmitted in PDF and sent to your email without using fax servers. The same thing happens with voicemail, which is transformed into the audio files. Convenient listening to audio messages via 3CX system.

Instant messages and chat

It’s possible to exchange messages via convenient chat without using separate messengers. The users of 3CX system can receive or send messages via such OS like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac. Free sending of messages and links.

What are the profits of 3CX system for your company

  • Unlimited number of internal subscribers.
  • Unlimited quantity of telephone numbers - telephone lines are connected via a VoIP or Internet.
  • There is no need for special telephone wiring - a computer network is used.
  • Multilanguage interface.
  • The software IP mini-PBX is much cheaper than the hardware mini-PBX.
  • Employees of the company can freely move from office to office and work remotely via the Internet without the need to change the telephone wiring or IP mini PBX configuration.
  • Employees of your company can independently set additional parameters of their services (call forwarding, voice mail, etc.).
  • Unified messaging system (Unified Communications) - connect from any device, chat, control the status of other employees, receive voice mail and faxes to an email address.
  • Free program softphone helps to set the 3CX phone client on different operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac.
  • Integration with CRM systems like Bitrix24.

How to make calls via SIP using 3CX system

As you understood 3CX system works via SIP protocol. In order to make or receive calls, you need to get SIP account. On our site, you may connect this service for free, but first your need to make several actions.

  • Buy virtual phone number for any country;
  • Send a request to our manager for receiving SIP;
  • Pick any SIP app program as Zoiper or Xlite;
  • Connect your SIP to 3CX system;
  • Then you will be able to make and receive cheap phone calls from colleagues, business associates or employees.

If you are interested in our costs for outgoing calls via SIP here. If you have some questions, the information below will be helpful.

Buy virtual phone number for 3CX program

Now you can get additional information from our technical department online via online chat, Skype, email and by phone presented on website. You will receive all necessary details about installation and usage of PBX system and its standard services.