People all over the world are trying to find more and more convenient and cheap ways of how to communicate and stay in contact anytime they need it. Of course, using smartphones with usual traditional phone numbers is not cheap and you have to pay much in order to call your granny in USA from Europe. For this purpose IP telephony with its virtual numbers was developed. From this article you are going to know more about blacklist and whitelist: options for subscribers control offered by Freezvon Corporation.

Blacklist and whitelist are additional features offered by VoIP in order to ease clients life and make communication better and put it on higher level. This function is very helpful for many people who want to distinguish between desired and non-desired subscribers. We provide our clients not only with option of blacklist and whitelist. There are more additional services, which can be convenient and useful for you in process of communication. If you find some interesting features for you from the full list, read information in detail about it here.

What are blacklist and whitelist?

These options are additional phone services of VoIP telephony by Freezvon provider that allow classification of subscriber calls into desirable and undesirable. By usage of such service the owner of virtual number will not be obliged to talk to annoying callers and thus lose real clients. When using a blacklist, one is able to block troublesome calls and let opportunity for other callers to reach your company. With the help of whitelist it is possible to create priority of inbound calls from the most important clients to be answered. Opportunity to set those options is available to all clients of Freezvon who have our virtual phone numbers.

Using blacklist you will get:
  • Stillness and silence in office;
  • Good mood;
  • Ability to serve adequate clients;
  • More attention to really important issues;
  • Unload of telephone lines;
  • Possibility to conduct business without troubles.
Having white list you will get:
  • More privacy;
  • Freedom of your actions;
  • Ability to communicate with people who you like;
  • Priority on honorable callers;
  • Only calls from important clients;
  • More profit;
  • Widening of customers’ base.

Use a possibility to feel all those mentioned things and be just happy of the fact that you have found a way of how to escape clients who do not give you a chance to live calm and do your business in good conditions.

How blacklist and whitelist operate?

According to our service you are free to order the feature of blacklist creation. Speaking about blacklist in particular there is a necessity to mention several points. First of all, using it you can forever and ever forget and get rid of annoying subscribers who call you all the time with the same dull questions or even intimidations. Such numbers will be simply added to black list and ignored next time when they display desire to call again and again.

Blacklist and whitelist services working service

Blacklist and whitelist working possibilities

Blacklist and whitelist give us a lot of possibilities. Now more information about whitelist an how this option can operate with virtual numbers from Freezvon. Having white list you can not only set priority on me of your clients who are of great importance for you but also improve the level of communication and involve more new customers to your business.

This option is beneficial not only for businesses. If you want to ignore calls from your victims or old friends who bother you. Just use this feature for your phone.

What is cost for black and white lists?

Before ordering services, you just need to know about prices. Concerning both lists costs are the following:

  • To 10 numbers - 10$
  • Unlimited numbers – 50$

Costs for additional phone services

How to get the service of black and white lists?

If you have never used our service before, you should know how to do it. It is simpler than you can think. But to get the service of blacklist and whitelist you need firstly to get the number. You can see the prices for numbers here.

All you need is just to:

  • Make yourself registered on Freezvon system;
  • Get access to your cabinet;
  • Recharge the balance (enough for connecting the virtual phone number and black and white list service);
  • Order a number via your profile;
  • Write a request to our tech support to set up the service.

Your number will be workable within 24 hours, so check your email, because we will send you a notification about its connection. Information concerning your service connection you may find on personal account.

In short time the service will be set up and you will get opportunity to use it. Freezvon takes care that you get only the most important calls and your business becomes prosperous. In case you face some troubles contact our support team or write them email, simply call or use Skype.