Running of business supposes to have a lot of its constituents that businessman should have to be successful. Ability to organize communication with clients is one of those components. Clients are essential part of every business. How you and your workers will communicate with them that means in such a way business will develop itself. Not only politeness and well-informed in the matter of business of workers but also high quality of telephone connection and organization of calls distribution play a great part in communication with clients. And virtual numbers with IVR menu realize all these needs. Freezvon offers such numbers to let you ability to grow your business.

Such function as IVR-menu, which simplifies international communication processes and influence clients’ base from positive side. Virtual numbers with IVR menu are available on Freezvon and can be ordered anytime you wish. Improve your business thanks to this feature – and you will not regret it. Customers will be satisfied and your profit will grow immediately.

What is IVR menu meaning?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is one of phone services helping to organize phone communication with clients. It contains a list of already recorded messages that customers hear right after having dialed the number. IVR menu includes a corporate greeting message and/or short company presentation and further distribution of incoming calls according to the topic and the end aim. By pressing the buttons as prompted by the voice recorder, the customer can reach specific department of the company according to his need. Now, thanks to voice menu, clients do not have to wait for a long time till their inquiries are processed. Caller will be able to get quick help and the work of your office will be organized, as all calls can reach its specialist directly.

IVR menu (or voice menu) simplifies your work with clients and increases productivity of your business. IVR menu is the reproduction of already recorded voice message that clients hears after dialing the number. Voice menu is a great part of distribution of calls inside call-center. With the help of IVR-menu you can coordinate the calls of your clients. IVR menu gives the first and the most necessary details to your clients that unload your workers. Voice menu also gives opportunity to organize the order of clients if all operators are busy. So, no calls from your clients will be missed.

The main possibilities and advantages of IVR function are the following:

  • Instant well-managed company presentation;
  • Distribution of customers calls to definite department;
  • Possibilities to serve more clients at a time;
  • Effective organization of work;
  • High quality of service.

How does IVR menu work?

Function of voice menu allows distributing the customer's incoming calls directly to the department of their destination as per type of request. The work of IVR is organized in such a way: the caller listens to the offer to press a necessary button to get directly to special department of company according to his or her aims.

IVR menu work

Scheme of virtual Voice menu work

The opportunities of voice menu are hard to be overestimated. It allows not only creating a good first impression about a company and introducing it to the potential customer naming the main services offered, but also helping the callers to coordinate the call to a specific department.

If the client wants to connect with operator and press necessary button but the manager is busy, the client will hear the voice message about it, the queue of waiting and request to wait until there will be free operator. While client waits, he will listen to nice music.

The organization of such numbers with this additional service is very simple. The clients that call to your company hear voice message with instruction what button to press to get to know necessary information. For example, press 1 if you need to get know the rates, pick 2 if you want to know information about your balance, choose 3 to connect with operator etc.

How much does this service cost?

You should know that our service provides clients with options affordable to everyone. IVR smart menu is one of the features, which you can order from our company and save your personal budget as we offer to do it for low prices.

  • Setting up the voice IVR menu (1st level - 10 digits) – $20;
  • Setting up the voice IVR menu (menu of each next level) – $5;
  • Creating an audio recording based on your text - from $20 (depending on the number of words).

Costs for additional services

Having, for example, two levels, you will need to enter one number to get to next instructions and then enter one more number finally to get to desired department. Prices of virtual numbers and other additional services see here.

How to get IVR service?

To get such kind of service is very easy. Before setting the service itself, you should get firstly the number for necessary country. You can see the prices for numbers here. Everything is done online and all is necessary is only to:

  • Register;
  • Top up balance;
  • Order number;
  • Write request from personal account for ordering IVR menu service.

Connect virtual number with IVR and enjoy high quality of communication. Concerning all confusing items, unclear moments, cooperation requirements or other questions contact our specialists via online chat, Skype, email or by phone.

Concerning all unclear moments you can contact our technical support via Skype, email, helping live chat or by phone. Choose any convenient way of communication with our support specialists and contact us now!