Our service provides our clients not only with virtual numbers but also with unique additional possibilities useful for communicative purposes. Communication is obligatory for adequate life in society. Freezvon offers ways of connecting improvement for people who need it. One of additional services provided by our company is call history. This option helps to control your activity of making and receiving calls, SMS or fax messages. You can observe how many calls were made or received last week or month and see how much money you spend in a certain period of time. Get all detailed info about all calls from personal account.

Freezvon offers not only this function, but some other comfortable services, which could simplify life of subscribers' talks. There are voicemail, call recording, conditional call forwarding, welcome message, background music and some others. Make telecommunication more comfortable and pleasant. See more detailed info here in article.

What is call history service?

Statistics (or call history) is useful phone service that gives you an opportunity to control all your calls. Every call can be monitored thanks to call logs reports. Easy in usage and comfortable in location, statistics is essential part in phone communication monitoring. Due to stats, every person using virtual telephone number is able to find out date, the time when call starts and the time it ends, its duration, the numbers of both subscribers, status of answer and how much this call costs.

Having access to personal profile, each person can find this info in his profile online without leaving office or home. In order to see stats you need to have personal cabinet.

As it has been mentioned before, call history service can be seen directly in user's personal profile and it possesses all necessary details for controlling all inbound calls. So, main parts of option and their main functions are:

  • Virtual number – opportunity to choose one or several virtual numbers to be shown information about them;
  • Date – possibility to sort calls to date;
  • Start and cancel time – showing of exact time when call starts and ends;
  • Duration– the length of call;
  • From number of caller;
  • To number - number that receives call;
  • Status – showing if call was answered or no; it helps to determine unanswered call and gives possibility to call subscriber back;
  • Cost – the amount of money was withdrawn from your balance for call.

All this info will be seen at once after finishing phone conversation. All the user has to do is only to log in and go to its page. In such a way, you can always monitor your calls and account: how much you have spent for calls to be ready to pay for the next month.

The following preferences of call history service are:

  • Call history service can be seen directly in user's personal profile;
  • It possesses all necessary information for controlling all incoming calls;
  • All this information concerning call will be seen at once after finishing phone conversation;
  • All the user has to do is only to log in and go to call history page;
  • You can always monitor your calls and account, how much you spend for calls to be ready to pay for the next month.

How call history feature works?

Having a chance to control your calls by yourself any time you want, such telephone service starts being a great helper for both business work and for individual needs. Everybody can use the possibilities of such technic without hard efforts. Stats can be useful in call centers, banks, in different kinds of companies that work with clients and want to control phone conversations of their employees.

Usage of call history service with virtual numbers

How call history service works

In statistics there are numbers of all your callers, so, no caller number will be missed. You can always find necessary number due to possibility to sort calls history to date and to number that accepts call. You can always call back to definite subscriber if there is such need. Concerning cost of this service it should be said that's FREE.

See costs for additional features

How to get the service of call history?

After getting the number and possibility to receive calls, you will be able to find all information about calls wherever. You are always able to control your charges for calls thanks to stats. You may find out the prices for numbers here. To get the number you need to:

  • Register and get access to personal account;
  • Top up balance for connecting number and phone service via profile;
  • Order a number from personal account.

After this simple algorithm of actions, you will use a convenient statistic of calls. Make your telecommunication correct under sensible control.

After this you need only to set the forwarding and thus, receive incoming calls. Freezvon makes everything from its side to simplify your phone communication. In case you need help or have questions connect our support team here. We answer your questions in Skype, email, live chat online, or by telephone.