PBX Phone System: Essence, Pros, and Fields of Application

Do you want to get rid of an outdated phone station and exchange old-fashioned and troublesome wires with a product that can hardly be overestimated? A virtual PBX is a modern solution that will be a great alternative to connecting a fixed telephone system. Compared to a traditional line, this solution provides the same range of services and opportunities, but it does not require physical space to install and connect equipment. Moreover, you will not lose your virtual number when moving and changing offices.

What do you need to set up a virtual PBX?

Freezvon provides cloud PBX services to business clients only. To use a virtual PBX, you need at least 1 virtual number with the calling feature (types: “Calls”, “Calls and SMS”, “Calls and Fax”, “Toll-Free”).

This way, you need the following to set up a virtual PBX:

  • to sign a contract between your company and Freezvon;
  • to purchase a virtual number (numbers) with a calling feature.

If you do not have any numbers with the calling feature connected yet, you will not be able to place an order for a virtual PBX. Please connect a virtual number, and then you will be able to set up your virtual PBX.

If you don’t have a signed contract with our company yet, then you will need to upload your company’s documents during the purchase of one of the packages, including the Free Trial. Our manager will contact you as soon as we receive your order.

To sign a contract, we will need the following documents:

  • Certificate of registration;
  • Passport or ID of the signatory;
  • If the contract is signed from your side by someone other than your director/CEO, then a document that proves this person has the power of attorney for signing contracts;
  • An extract from the state registry, if any;
  • Bank details.

After this, you will be able to provide technical specifications for your virtual PBX setup. Your PBX will work on solving your needs!

The Concept of Online Telephony

A virtual BPX system is a new round in the development of telephony, which has replaced bulky physical devices. Such systems allow solving the following tasks:

  • Corporate communication within a company or division;
  • Receiving incoming calls, as well as outgoing communications;
  • Proper distribution of incoming calls between call center specialists and hotline consultants;
  • Integration with CRM, which allows the company employees to manage the sales process and simplify work with customers;
  • Recording telephone conversations;
  • Creation of IVR menu;
  • Connection of an unlimited number of SIP accounts.

This is not the whole list of services provided by cloud-based phone systems. However, their benefits for any business are obvious.

What Equipment is Needed to connect a Virtual Telephone Station?

Unlike a traditional physical station, a cloud-based phone system does not require mounting special hardware. All software and data necessary for its optimal functioning are located on the provider’s server.

For data storage and transmission, all information is stored on the server in encrypted form. Two types of protocols are used for this:

  • VoIP – for voice communication;
  • SIP – for transferring multimedia data.

When you connect the virtual PBX service, you get access to all this information stored on the server, and you can independently manage the system and customize it to your requirements, connecting additional services and adjusting the number of accounts. Call management, as well as changing settings, are carried out in real time.

How does Cloud PBX work?

The principle of operation of an IP PBX station is simple:

  1. The company receives a unique phone number.
  2. An incoming call goes to the cloud.
  3. According to the specified settings, it is redirected to the specified operator (employee).
  4. If a manager is busy and cannot answer the call, the call is redirected to the next recipient on the list (or distribution of calls may play by another scenario according to the requirements).

Almost any modern company needs a well-thought-out call forwarding system that is usually an essential feature of the cheap virtual PBX. This depends on the work schedule of the company, separate unit peculiarities and the distribution of functional responsibilities among employees. SIP telephony allows you to forward calls to those employees who are currently away from the workplace or busy with other things.

There’s a good example. An incoming call to a work phone will be forwarded to the worker’s mobile or home phone number when he or she isn’t in office. At the same time, if the person cannot answer during work, the call is forwarded to his/her colleague automatically. Customers trying to come in touch with the company workers during non-business hours will hear a voice message (for example, a notification that the customer called outside of business hours and a manager will call them the next day). Moreover, there are different ways of processing incoming calls that allow the service users to not miss them and not to lose regular and future customers.

It should be noted that it is possible to set certain scenarios for the distribution of calls in the field of SIP telephony due to the reliable virtual PBX provider. The client initially can be met by a virtual secretary, who will promptly send a call to a specific specialist. In the other scenario, the caller can hear all the necessary information from the voice assistant (if such a feature is installed)

Benefits of Connecting the Cloud PBX for Business

  1. A cloud PBX solution allows companies to improve their reputations and loyalty among customers. Efficient distribution of calls among free operators allows for reducing the waiting time on the line.
  2. The ability to connect an unlimited number of numbers. Calls could be forwarded until a free employee is found. That is, the owner of the Internet system can configure it for any number of operators. Such a scheme will improve CRM systems and increase sales of online stores.
  3. No need to install specialized hardware. A PBX phone system can be connected not only to fixed phones, but also to mobile devices, computers, laptops, tablets, and IP phones.
  4. Wide range of multipurpose settings. PBX business phone systems allow users to customize them to suit their needs. Users can insert a voice greeting instead of boring beeps, set up call forwarding after business hours, create blacklists and whitelists, and more.
  5. When you move, your number will remain with you. This means that customer databases with important contacts will not be lost.
  6. A virtual business phone system allows users to connect the number of any country, which means to indicate their presence on new markets. Buying a number of a foreign state allows you to integrate into new markets, introduce your business in new regions, and increase the coverage of the target audience.
  7. No need to set up branches in other countries. You can communicate with customers directly from your office without going abroad. At the same time, clients will not even understand that a call is international because such phone numbers have country codes of those states.
  8. Prices for cloud PBX services are much lower compared to roaming. If you plan to make frequent calls in an international format, this solution will be the most profitable and affordable. When buying a virtual number, users pay only the minutes spent on the conversation. For customers, these calls are free.

Free virtual PBX trial period allows seeing the benefits of reduced call rates and the convenience of digitalized workspace thanks to cloud hosting systems and phone lines that can be accessed both at the office and remotely.

Fields of Application

The benefits of such a network for business are invaluable. It is most popular in the following areas of activity:

  • Operation of call centers;
  • Small, medium, and large businesses focused on international markets;
  • Large marketplaces;
  • Online stores.

In addition to the business sphere, online telephony with virtual numbers can also be used in everyday life for registering on online platforms, verifying accounts, and bypassing regional bans on visiting some websites. Moreover, the user doesn’t have to pay a high price for this service.

Extra Services

The virtual office phone system allows users to connect additional features. In addition to making calls and creating an office network, they can also:

  • Set up queues of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Add and remove channels;
  • Create audio recordings and greetings;
  • Connect voicemail;
  • Create and configure group calls and conferences;
  • Create black and white lists of numbers;
  • Use audio instead of standard beeps.

Note that depending on the selected operator, the list of additional PBX phone services may vary.

In conclusion, we note that mentioned telephony is the cheapest communication method for calls to other cities and countries. In practice, it is great for both office and home use. Its quick connection that does not require SIM cards and access to non-roaming communication services make it easy to enjoy high quality audio signal transmission. Virtual PBX pricing is rather low and depends on various factors.

Cloud PBX telephony is a modern communication tool. Its main function is to provide a convenient and versatile means of communication. Connecting a virtual number allows users to solve a wide range of business problems, improve customer interrelation, and open up new opportunities for development. Therefore, an IP PBX system is becoming more and more popular every year and serves as a full-fledged alternative to a landline phone.