Buy Virtual IP PBX automatic station for office penetration

IP PBX is suitable both for business and personal purposes. This service allows you to enhance your office communications. You're getting a PBX system physically situated at VoIP provider. You're paying only for setup and a monthly fee for using it.

You can expand any package by adding required services to it.


Great for test

0$/7 day

Setup fee: 0$
(7 day for free)

Package «Basic»

Great for startups


Setup fee: 30$
(one-time payment)

Package «Business»

Perfect for business


Setup fee: 30$
(one-time payment)
Free Virtual Phone Numbers
1 1
Setting an outgoing calls queue 1 external number 2 external number
Setting an incoming calls queue
1 external number 2 external number
External channels
5 5 20
PBX extension lines
50 50 100
Voice Recording Extensions
50 50 100
PBX storage space for audio recordings, Gb
20 20 50
IVR menu in the PBX
Setting up an IVR menu in the PBX
Voicemail setup
Greeting message
Free incoming SIP calls
Сhargeable outgoing calls per minute
Free Click to Call widget
Free Callback widget
Dedicated IP
Call statistics
Protection from hacking and attackers
Contact book
Adding additional services

List of the documents for connecting the packages "FREE TRIAL", "BASIC" and "BUSINESS":

  • Colored passport scan with registration;
  • ID-card with residence registering (2 check about payment for public utilities at least 6 months older).

*If you want to work with us as a legal entity, you need to provide documents confirming the company's registration as well as personal IDs of the director or company's representative.

How to buy a virtual PBX?

Step №1. Getting a free virtual phone number:

  • Register on the website;
  • Log in to your personal account;
  • Top up your balance in your personal account for 60$ if you buy the «Basic» Package or 75$ if you buy the «Business» Package;
  • Choose a country;
  • Choose the type of number (Free DID);
  • Choose a city or operator code;
  • Set up call forwarding settings to receive calls (phone number or SIP);
  • Choose subscription period for the number: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (2-18% discount based on the period of subscription and the price of the number).
  • Check your details and complete the order.

Step №2. PBX order:

  • Choose a country (Virtual PBX);
  • Choose the type of number (Calls);
  • Choose a city (Basic Package, Business Package or Free Trial);
  • Check your details and complete the order;
  • Expect a letter with the settings for access to your registration mail (within 3 working days from the date of order).

Online help 24x7 Buy a virtual PBX
How to buy

Additional services for PBX configuration


Configuring outgoing call queues (for the first external number)


Configuring incoming call queues (Virtual number with forwarding to PBX extention number)


Adding one additional channel for outgoing calls


Adding 1 GB to PBX for storing records (Minimum ammount 10 GB)


Creating audio recording by your text (for voicemail, greeting message or IVR menu)

from 20$ (depending on the word count)

Setting up one voicemail for PBX extention number
1) Turn on voice message immediately upon receipr of a call;
2) Turn on voicemail after certain number of beeps;
3) Turn on voicemail after greeting message.


Setting up greeting message (for one number)


Configuring IVR menu in the PBX (1st level - 10 digits)


Configuring IVR menu in the PBX (every additional level)


Configuring group calls (with the ability to form departments and call strategies)

10$ for one group

Setting up background music instead of the beeps (while playing a melody, before receiving a call, the caller will be charged)


Conference call configuration (ability to simultaneously converse with multiple people around the world)


Virtual PBX station is great alternative for traditional system in offices all over the world. Installing this telephone service, you connect standard telephone services as unlimited SIP accounts, free virtual number, own IP address, IVR menu, CDR, monitoring of calls and some other phone services. You won’t miss any call from important people and gain high image level for your company using hosted PBX system from Freezvon.

What is virtual IP PBX station?

PBX is the most requested service presented by Freezvon, which is successfully used as good alternative to ordinary telephonic connection. Distinctive feature of this virtual automatic station is that its functioning can be set according to needs and demands of certain company. It works thanks to the transmitting of the voice data via Internet. When you order this service you may control it individually via personal cabinet on our website. Now we want to enumerate the telephone services it presents.

Virtual PBX system

Virtual PBX station features and functionality

Absence of physical address bounding, possibility to answer all calls being in another city or country (due to forwarding function), adjusted working arrangements with succession – all these points make virtual IP PBX service more than just popular. Day by day more and more business leaders prefer capabilities of virtual IP telephony.

How does virtual IP PBX station work?

PBX automatic station possesses a great number of advantages and can easily substitute traditional one. Thanks to convenient web-interface, work with it transforms into pure delight. Client, who set this telephone station, will forget forever about ineffective employees work and dissatisfied or lost customers. Work of virtual IP PBX is based on IP-protocol and this means that for its functioning there is no need in new telephone lines installation and telephone network expansion. Virtual PBX is not engaged with physical address that is why it is resilient and easily transported in case of moving to another office or even city.

Virtual PBX station

Scheme of virtual PBX system work

In order to implement virtual telephone station in certain company, there is no great necessity to purchase analogue PBX apparatus. The only thing you need to set IP-telephone is soft phone on your PC or you can even use smartphones of your employees having previously set connection with IP PBX server.

Due to possibility of multichannel phone number use all calls can be answered by employees in spite of the fact where they are – in office or somewhere else. With the help of forwarding setting and calls routing it has become possible.

The list of countries for which you can get a free virtual number when you connect the service "Virtual PBX":

Online help 24x7 Buy a virtual PBX
How to buy

Setting of virtual IP PBX takes up to 3 days after what access to PBX, number and manual instructions will be sent to your email address. Technical support is always ready to set virtual IP PBX if help is needed. You can pay for this service with all possible methods. Webmoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, credit cards, bank transfer – choose the most appropriate here. If you have any questions contact our support team.

Payment methods

During the ordering process for a phone number, you will be asked how you would like to pay, and you will also receive a list of payment methods accepted by Freezvon. Our team aims to provide our customers with a variety of different payment methods.

Payment method for bank cards Visa Payment method for bank cards Master Card Payment method for bank transfers
Payment method webmoney  Bitcoin payment method Perfect Money payment method

More available payment methods...

We work with the most popular, secured, online payment service providers who will guarantee the security of your transactions.

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