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Buy Canadian virtual mobile telephone number online

Utilisation of mobile phone number for Canada will make talks easier, faster and cheap. Looking for comfortable ways of international communication with Canadian people? Use Canada mobile virtual number from us. That is a state in North America; it takes the second place in the world by the territory (second after Russia). It is bounded by Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans and shares borders with the United States of America. This state possesses a range of islands - Baffin Island, Victoria, Ellesmere Island, Devon, Banks Island, Newfoundland and others.

Central and eastern part of country are occupied by plains, on the west a powerful mountain system are Cordilleras. The country is covered with thick and dense river network. Forestry consisting of conifer species is considered to be an original wealth of country and occupies almost the half of Canada territory.

What is Canada mobile virtual number and its work?

It's a cell virtual number that has a possibility to forward calls, SMS messages to suitable destination course. You don't have to use SIM-cards or other additional appliances. These numbers don't attach to appropriate location. So, it's possible to move and communicate everywhere you are. See costs for these numbers clicking here.

Virtual phone number for Canada
Canada mobile virtual number

Canada mobile virtual number for SMS

In order to stay in contact with Canadian people, get Canada cell number for this purpose. As far as you may know numbers work on the principles of redirecting. That is the same with number for sms in Canada.

Forwarding of incoming sms can be performed to such destinations:

  1. Other existing mobile number (for low rates);
  2. Email address (this redirection is free of charge);
  3. URL (sms are redirected for free).

Canada mobile number for sms is very convenient in communication with friends or relatives. You can also send sms if you have such s necessity. For it you need to be registered on our site and have access to personal cabinet. Having money on account, it’s possible to share sms or make even bulk sms sending.

See the costs for this type of number here.

Additional services for Canada virtual number

Having virtual telephone number is not sometimes enough for perfect messages processing. That is why we provide unique additional telephone services for Canada virtual number with purpose of improving communicative processes. For this number they are:

  • Conditional forwarding – you can forward your sms according to time, date or destination type. For example, in the morning you want sms being readdressed to e-mail, URL;
  • Message history – saved info concerning sent or received SMS to chosen destination (the quantity of sms or how much money spent for sms);
  • Bulk sms – fast informing sending of messages to your subscribers;
  • SMS sending – a process of sending sms to any subscriber.

You can order any of these additional services and simplify intercommunication with Canadian people. To get the facility to DID number simply write a request from personal cabinet on our site with information about the service that you want to add. Prices you can see here.

How to buy Canadian mobile virtual number?

Making number purchase you need to see our recommendations. They are obligatory for future owner of virtual number:

  • Set up a profile on our site;
  • Top up the balance;
  • Select the “Canada” in country list;
  • Make a decision about type of number;
  • Order it now!

Check all methods of payment for Freezvon telephone services here. You number will be connected within 24 hours, so do not forget to check your email with notification letter.

A chance to get an answer about unclear moments concerning Canadian mobile virtual telephone number from technical support team. Contact us right now! We are available online 24 hour online via Skype, email, live chat or by phone.

Available area codes and costs for Canada mobile virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX

Buy Virtual Phone Number For Canada mobile

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