Have you ever thought, where to get possibility to call for low rates but with high quality? Where to find such number with the help of which it’s possible to call some other countries but still communicate cheap and stable? Yes? So, our company offers you to make all this wishes to come true. Because only Freezvon gives its clients unique chance to be in touch with their business partners, workers and own clients everywhere thanks to cheap VoIP calls feature. Incoming calls inside the country and to abroad are real because of SIP application facility and access to Internet.

Big choice of useful VoIP features is accessible with Freezvon.The greatest decision for telephony is covered in numerous VoIP services as IP PBX station comprising such different functions as own IP address, monitoring of calls, lots of SIP-accounts, voice menu IVR and others. It's possible to order any other Freezvon services.

What is VoIP calls service from Freezvon?

This kind of feature is amazing because you have a possibility not only to get but also to make calls online. It's possible to make them thanks to SIP application service. Just send a request to our managers about getting SIP-account and the needed settings for installing this feature as the principal communicating resource. You just need to download apps as Zoiper or Xlite and install all settings from us. Such calls are twice cheaper because they are made at lower local rates, so don't lose a chance to use VoIP telephony for saving money. Look at rates for calls here.

In addition to the virtual number needed to communicate via IP telephony network, there are additional phone services that allow you to expand the functionality of the used number. You can make your number as productive as possible, so that it closely matches the sphere of your company's activities.

What are goods of VoIP calls?

Nowadays the progress of new phone innovations allows everybody to call not only via usual phone but also via Internet. With SIP person can:

  • Call to cell phone or fix and the subscriber will interpret this call as usual. So, it means subscriber doesn’t need any special applications or equipment to get this call, only his phone;
  • These calls are made thanks to SIP app (Zoiper, Xlite), just set up to your PC, laptop or mobile;
  • Permanent access to Internet gives you a chance to call everywhere;
  • Neither equipment nor SIM-cards are necessary;
  • Your clients could call you back when for example it was busy or unanswered, this is possible with the possession VoIP virtual number.

Use VoIP cheap calls

VoIP calls making from Freezvon

Use with Caller ID (the number that your subscriber will see). It's for particular country and during outgoing VoIP calls your number will be shown in your subscriber’s phone. See all accessible phone numbers here below.

Pricing for VoIP virtual phone numbers

Making cheap VoIP calls with Freezvon service

To start use all the pros of SIP/VoIP outcoming calls you have to know how to make them be real. To call cheaper abroad firstly you should get SIP account. Our company creates it. All info (login, password, domain) will be written in personal account. Installation of SIP is totally free. Apply to our technical experts with the request of such account creation. You will need SIP information to set up SIP application.

SIP softphones can be used to make calls. Nowadays such SIP applications as Zoiper or Xlite are in open access for downloading free of charge. After downloading one application you should set it up. SIP information is necessary here. You should enter all settings (login, password, domain) to your SIP application. After all these easy steps, you will be able to operate calls without limits. You may find out more and download one of this application here.

With the help of virtual number and SIP telephone or softphone for outcoming calls your communication becomes to more and more comfortable. Order number and enjoy high quality of communication. For this contact technical specialists via Skype, email or live chat.

Contact technical experts that could give details concerning paying procedure or other essential questions via Skype, email, help live chat or by phone. Think about your questions and get in contact with us instantly.