Even for websites with good traffic, the conversion rate is a key indicator: how many users made the required action, for example, press the button to call and purchase your service. Besides a competitive product, you need a tool working as an additional incentive for potential clients. The Callback widget, available for VoIP telephony users, can be a helpful tool. Let's look at the properties of the callback button and how to use it to grow sales.

How Does Callback Work, and What Is This Widget Used For?

If you're already using IP telephony from Freezvon, you know that you can set up additional services to the virtual numbers, such as voicemail, answering machine, conditional call forwarding, etc. This list includes free-of-charge widget Callback. Virtual numbers allow reducing corporate telephony costs, and callers from beyond the border can access you at their local rates. But if you look at it from the customer's perspective, they would prefer to contact a company by an instant callback without any charges at all.

What Using Callback Widget Gets You

Let's see what benefits of the Callback widget in regard to customer and business:

  • Reduces time to look up contact information - managers will be able to process calls in a timely manner, while the lead is still "warm";
  • Saves money for the caller - the request is received from a more loyal client who is potentially ready to be converted into a deal;
  • A customer receives relevant feedback without a long wait on the phone - it reduces the probability of the visitors leaving without getting a reply because they know they're going to get a call;
  • Callers could request a callback at a certain time, not necessarily when they place the request, in case they're busy at that time - it allows reducing the load on the phone line;
  • When customers are out of the country, they still can contact the company and get their answers - the organization will ensure customer support in all countries.

The problem Callback solves is to help the company make more deals and raise business profits. The use of the widget will potentially improve sales figures because a customer doesn't have to fill in long contact forms to contact an expert. A customer receives a call fast and quickly goes from the stage of studying the product to a more thorough acquaintance with it with the assistance of a manager. The manager will resolve the last objections to get the deal closed. And one more benefit of the widget is getting ahead of competitors who don't use this tool to improve sales.

Why Online Chat Is Not Enough and You Need the Callback?

Sometimes entrepreneurs only add a chatbot for the website, to answer customers' questions. But the Callback button will work more efficiently. There are psychological reasons for this - it is more satisfying for the user to talk to a real person instead of a robot. And the offer “Call back within 30 seconds” acts as an encouragement to action. Customers like this kind of care. In this way, you quickly meet their primary need for getting complete information about the product.

Where to Place the Callback Widget?

The Callback widget could be placed in a way to attract the most interested visitors after the person spends a predetermined time period on the website. Where to put the button (on the product landing page, in contacts, on the home page), you need to choose depending on the sales funnel. The widget won't be showing up to every visitor immediately. The system will analyze user behavior to predict when the best time to show the banner with a Callback button.

The Callback widget is easily adapted to a brand - the pop-up could be designed according to the website's style, add the brand logo. It will boost brand recognition.

One more method to offer a potential customer to contact you is to implement a callback service as a part of your IVR. An agent can call the clients back, so they won't have to wait for the line to free up. And in order to analyze the communication with customers in addition to collecting the leads, we're recommending activating call recording service.

What Is Important for Callback Widget Effectiveness?

Even the free VoIP service like Callback could be used ineffectively. A widget can quickly become irritating if it isn't configured properly.

Follow the simple instructions:

  • Keep a measure of when you show the Callback widget banner. A visitor who is interested in the service spends on a page five minutes on average. This time could be used as a marker for when to activate the widget. If you show the widget to all "cold" visitors, they probably would just close the banner. So the most effective way to utilize Callback as a part of the sales funnel.
  • Connect to a person, not to an auto attendant. Assign three to four specialists who will react to a callback request immediately. A customer shouldn't get a recording when he gets the call. Callback assumes a quick reaction and satisfaction of customer's request. This is why it's better to use a direct virtual number of the sales department for the widget instead of the general contact phone number you have the IVR setup.
  • Notify about the call being recorded. To avoid unpleasantries, you should always warn customers that the call is being recorded, even during a callback.
  • Avoid banners that obscure the screen completely, on a mobile version of the website. Think it through, how the Callback button will look like on small screens. Instead of a pop-up, it could be placed in a particular and unchangeable location of the website. Users are irritated by pop-ups on mobile devices that cover the screen and don't let to browse the website.

How to Order a Callback Website Widget?

The Callback widget will increase the number of leads from the website and improve customer loyalty. This service is connected as an addition to a virtual number that you can order for your region and for International calls, to reduce telephony expenses.

Freezvon gives you the Callback widget for free, it's enough to access a personal account and place a request. If any questions about Callback setup arise, the support team is available 24/7 and will assist in choosing the most suitable type of widget for your company.