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Virtual PBX service installation rates and prices

PBX system is a great telephonic solution that covers all sides of telephony features and services. It’s a kind of services package that consists of numerous services, which ameliorates telecommunication (call statistics, informative voicemenu, own IP-address, free DID virtual number etc.).

Here you will check how much does it cost to connect virtual IP PBX and how to pay for it. Installing of PBX takes up to 3 days, after what access to PBX, number and manual instructions will be sent to your email. Technical department is always ready to set IP PBX if help is needed. Write us to email or online live chat, call us via Skype or telephone number pointed out on official website.

The cost for PBX is $86 for the first month. According to special offer you can get FREE virtual phone number. Monthly fee for the next month is $49.

The list of functions that are included in the price of a virtual IP PBX:

IVR menu

Interactive menu that guides subscriber to needed direction, pushing additional digits


Left voice messages about missed calls without answers

Background music installation

Melody playing instead of annoying phone beeps

Call recording

A capacity to record of incoming and outgoing calls

Unlimited quantity of internal numbers

Possibility to order many internal numbers

Free internal calls

Making of free internal calls with high connection quality

Unlimited SIP-accounts

Possible ordering of numerous SIP-accounts

Basic installation and configuration

An ability of basic installation and configuration

Protection from break-ins or frauds

Strong protection from break-ins

Own IP-address

Personal IP-address

Access to setting via convenient interface

Free available access to settings via interface

Call history

Possibility to check out call history and control money spent for calls

Hand settings

Ability of hand setup

Conference call

Possibility to talk to numerous subscribers

Active calls

It is possible to check out all active calls

Listening to active calls

An ability to listen to calls

Outgoing calls

Making calls with preferable rates

Call forwarding to SIP, mobile and landline numbers

Possibility to forward calls to any kind of numbers or to SIP-app

Setting of personal call-center

Equal call distribution between operators

24-hours support

You can contact your own support manager

A list of free DID phone number for Virtual PBX service connection.

Виртуальные Australia номера для звонков AustraliaВиртуальные Austria номера для звонков AustriaВиртуальные Belgium номера для звонков BelgiumВиртуальные Bulgaria номера для звонков BulgariaВиртуальные Canada номера для звонков Canada
Виртуальные Czech Republic номера для звонков Czech RepublicВиртуальные Denmark номера для звонков DenmarkВиртуальные Estonia номера для звонков EstoniaВиртуальные Finland номера для звонков FinlandВиртуальные Greece номера для звонков Greece
Виртуальные Hungary номера для звонков HungaryВиртуальные Ireland номера для звонков IrelandВиртуальные Italy номера для звонков ItalyВиртуальные Japan номера для звонков JapanВиртуальные Russia номера для звонков Russia
Виртуальные Sweden номера для звонков SwedenВиртуальные United Kingdom номера для звонков United KingdomВиртуальные USA номера для звонков USA

How to install PBX station?

In order to become an owner of modern phone system, it's obligatory to complete several actions. Follow them please:

  • Sign up to Freezvon;
  • Enter personal cabinet;
  • Fill the balance with $86;
  • Pick needed facilities;
  • Send a request about PBX connection.

Remember! this service consists of free virtual number service, which connecting needs a bit of attention. Only limited list of countries can permit connecting virtual number for free. It’s possible to check them out here. This special offer doesn’t have time limits, you can just to recharge your balance ant get free DID virtual number immediately!

Connect service of virtual PBX

If you feel a bit puzzled concerning methods of payment, connection or other unclear points, contact specialists from technical support via telephone, Skype, email or online live chat. They work 24 hours in order to consult you about all VoIP services packed in virtual IP PBX system. Contact us now.

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