No special equipment is required to use virtual telephony. It can be used with:

  1. IP phones;

    An IP phone is a telephone set that, instead of being connected to a telephone cable, connects to the Internet. SIP account of virtual number or internal line of virtual PBX is registered on IP-phone, then it can be used for incoming and outgoing calls.

  2. PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone;

    PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone can be used to make calls with a SIP application (softphone). Manuals for the most popular SIP applications can be found on our website here.
    Devices that connect to the Internet can also be used to receive forwarded text messages or faxes to email.

  3. A stationary or cell phone.

    A landline or cell phone can be used to forward incoming calls. In this case, the call forwarding is set to the phone number itself and the call is received as an ordinary call to the phone number.
    Also mobile numbers can receive forwarded text messages.