Voicemail is an additional virtual telephony service that allows the caller to leave a voice message for the number owner when there is no answer. Such messages are sent to the owner of the number by email, as well as you can listen to them on your personal account if the service "Call recording" is enabled.

You can enable voicemail after the number activation by a request from your personal account, in "Support" --> "Submit a request". In the request, you have to specify the email where you want to receive voicemail messages and the time interval after which the call must be forwarded to the voicemail.

You can send your recording for voicemail (an audio file to be played before the call is forwarded to the voicemail), or choose the standard one, then the voicemail will be installed for free.
You can also order an audio recording for your voicemail according to your script with us. It will be created by a professional voice artist, in English or Russian. Creating a recording is a paid service, the cost starts at 20 USD, depending on the volume of the text.