Now we are happy to inform you about our Moldova toll free numbers for calls! That means you can use this phone number to communicate with Moldovan customers or business partners you have. Moreover, this service is great when you have big call center and need to regulate your telecommunications.

It is possible to make cheap international calls at really lower rates to any point of the world. Moldova toll free number is multichannel that’s why you can get more than 2 calls simultaneously.

If you need a number just for communications with friends, family and colleagues, order Moldova virtual number with call forwarding feature – you save money for talks and stay closer to important people. Anyway, let’s talk about this toll-free service work more

How toll free 800 numbers work?

That’s a virtual multichannel phone number that has more than 2 telephone lines. It works with the help of good Internet connection by principle of call forwarding to any convenient destination (about this we talk below). You do not have to use SIM-cards or other expensive equipment. This toll free number does not tie you to any physical address, so it is possible to use the number anywhere. Concerning incoming and outgoing calls you can learn below.

How to purchase Moldova toll free number

Use Moldova toll free service

How to receive incoming calls with toll free number

In order to get free incoming calls, you should pick most appropriate destination for forwarding. Freezvon suggests you to forward the calls to:

  1. SIP-account;
  2. Mobile
  3. Landline

If you are interested to other toll free numbers countries, you can check them on our website as well.

If you want to make your phone number better, just connect useful additional phone services as call recording, voicemail, conditional call forwarding, IVR-menu, welcome message and others. Your toll free phone number for Moldova will impress your customers.

How to make outgoing calls with toll free 800 number

When you need to connect with your customers, colleagues or just good friends with the help of Moldova toll free number, you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Get SIP-account from Freezvon
  2. Download free voice apps as Zoiper, Xlite, Linphone, PortGo
  3. Set your SIP-client
  4. Make cheap calls

To check the rates for outbound calls you can enter the price list on our website.

To create special telecommunication system, you can install virtual PBX station that has some standard telephone services as individual IP address, contact book, strong security system, unlimited quantity of SIP-accounts, internal numbers for calls inside your office. Plus, you can connect some additional features as voicemail, call history, call tracking and recording, voicemail, voicemenu etc.

When you still have some questions according to our VoIP telephony services, you may contact our technical department, which is available 24X7. Find us on Skype, online live chat, e-mail or call by phone numbers you can see on our website. Virtual telephony from Freezvon makes your telecommunication better.