Freezvon provide toll free numbers with 800 code not only for South Korea but also for more than 80 countries in the world. Online in 3 clicks you can buy a 800 number for South Korea.

Buy South Korea toll free 800 numbers and allow your customers, partners or any people to reach you absolutely for free, the caller will not be charged for the call, all incoming calls are billed per-minute for the receiver.

South Korea Toll Free Numbers are local and can work only inside South Korea, with this kind of number you can forward Calls to Any Device like another mobile/landline or SIP softphone for any OS of personal computer, smartphone, tablet (Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, Android, Windows mobile), Anywhere you are in the world.

You can setup or change the call forwarding online on your personal account in our website, anytime you want, also you can add many useful options for your South Korea Toll Free Numbers like IVR menu, call recording service and others functions.

How to purchase South Korea toll free number

Use South Korea toll free service

800 phone numbers in South Korea are multichannel, it’s mean that you can receive unlimited Multiple simultaneous Calls at once from South Korea.

How Toll Free Number works?

Buying an 800-phone number in South Korea online, you will receive a local phone number that works thanks call forwarding to any sip account or any mobile or landline phone number. To install South Korea toll free number you need just to:

  1. Buy online South Korea toll free number from our website Freezvon
  2. Get a 800 number
  3. Configure the call forwarding settings
  4. Receive calls

With 800 toll free number in South Korea you can not only receive calls but also make cheap international calls with getting a free sip account from us and connect it to your toll free number, so when you will make calls using a softphone (special sip application for smartphone or personal computer) like Zoiper, Xlite, PortGo for any Operation system.

How to use the 800 toll free number?

To use a South Korea 800 you need just to buy it online, setup the call forwarding and receive calls, every month you need to pay the monthly fee and the number will be you for one month. On your freezvon personal account you can add others virtual numbers and services.

The South Korea toll free number need a scan copy of customer documents to be purchased and activated. Next you can see the table of all available codes of Toll Free numbers in South Korea, just select the one you need and buy it online.

If you have any question about South Korea 800 Toll free numbers or any others freezvon services, you can contact our customer support online via live chat, skype, telephone or any available contact method on our website.