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Order Grenada virtual number for receiving calls and sms

Order virtual telephone number for Grenada and plunge down in telecommunication universe. IP-telephony develops everytime and offers various ways of telecommunication via Internet connection. Freezvon provides numerous virtual services for Grenada including virtual numbers, PBX station, SIP and other additional telephone features for your convenience. Anyway, it’s important to get more details concerning Grenada.

This country has second unofficial name “Island of Spicery” and volcanogenic origin. There is a special place on this island, or being exact underwater it’s submarine park of sculptures, where you can see the sculpture of Jesus installed in memory of big shipwreck in Caribbean region. It’s worth seeing, but first you need to think about your phone communication methods.

What’s virtual number for Grenada and how it works

This number has code +1-473 and works thanks to rerouting of calls, sms and fax to courses you choose. Among its advantages we can name the absence of SIM-cards or wires and absence of location attachment. For business you could choose full packet of telephone services containing free virtual number, IP address, limitless SIP-accounts, IVR-menu, voicemail and other services. For having your number displayed, just order a function known as Caller ID with the help of what your subscribers will call you back.

Virtual numbers in Grenada
Virtual number for calls in Grenada

Connecting virtual PBX, update your telephony in more effective way. It includes such services as SIP accounts, voicemail, CDR, recording of calls, background music, internal numbers, call group for distribution of calls, welcome message of company etc.

Profits in usage of virtual number for Grenada

This is a list of privileges you’ll get with VoIP virtual phone number for Grenada:

  • You won’t pay big amounts of money;
  • You won’t be bound to any of physical places;
  • It’s free from SIM-cards;
  • Low rates for connection;
  • Making number not so busy with the help of multiple lines;
  • Your business and client quantity will grow faster;
  • You will have an ability to connect such additional telephone services as conditional call forwarding, hold a music, greeting message and many others;
  • You could pay via Internet for our services.

Grenada virtual numbers and their variations

You can hoose any VoIP phone number we offer according to your preferences and wishes. They are for:

  • SMS, which can be redirected to email, phone number or URL. And you can send or get messages;
  • Calls are possible to be routed to IP-telephone, mobile number or SIP;
  • Calls and SMS are united under one number, but have different destinations of forwarding;
  • Fax could be sent to email (in PDF form);
  • Calls and fax are coalesced for one number, they have their own courses of redirection;
  • Multichannel numbers with numerous lines for avoiding overcharged problems;
  • Toll free 800 numbers are multichannel as well, but provide free calls for your subscribers. It’s you who must pay for their incoming calls.

Costs and rates are available here.

SIP telephony kicks into gear, so if you’re going to save some money and care about quality of connection, you could get SIP-account from us, setup apps called Zoiper or X-lite and receive free incoming calls to it. If you want your number will be displayed to your subscriber you could order Caller ID service.

How to get Grenada virtual number from Freezvon?

It’s simple process for being user of virtual number as fast as you need. Just accomplish some steps:

  • Register on our site and create personal profile;
  • Put some money to your balance;
  • Select “Grenada”;
  • Pick needed city;
  • Order number now!

Check all possible payment systems for purchasing virtual telephone services here. Your number will be active within 24 hours, just check your email where you will find a letter about activation.

Flush out telecommunication issues addressing to our specialist from support team, they always know what to do with your problems. Contact them via Skype, e-mail or live chat.

Available area codes and costs for Grenada virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
St. Georgexx4565+--

Buy Virtual Phone Number For Grenada

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