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Purchase USA virtual phone number for cheap talks

Dreaming about fast connection with Americans? Virtual telephone numbers efface all boundaries. Now we as a provider of virtual telephone technologies going to present you such virtual phone number for USA, which give a possibility to be in touch with Americans even when you’re on another continent. We know that VoIP technologies are new for most of people on the Earth, but at the same time, it’s very popular in America, because it’s cheap and trouble-free. Virtual number for America is very active and helpful service.

Do you know that sometimes local citizens don’t know elementary widespread facts about their country. Now we are pleased to show you as more as we could incredible facts about America. It’s interesting that Apple corporation has more money than US treasury. In spite of being English-speaking country, USA has no defined official language. If you have 10 dollars in your pocket and don’t have debts you are richer than 25% of Americans. Anyway, it’s also interesting to know what role virtual number plays in American perfect life.

What are US virtual number and its working distinctions?

This number has an ability to make a redirection of calls, SMS and fax to any target chosen by you:

  1. E-mail (SMS and fax messages);
  2. Skype (calls);
  3. SIP (calls);
  4. IP telephone (calls).

These numbers won’t tie you down to any physical place, so it’s possible to have any location and be in contact with local population. These numbers will help you to economize some money because they don’t require any SIM-cards or technical equipment.

Usage of USA virtual phone number
Get virtual phone numbers in USA

What are positive goods of American virtual numbers?

With Freezvon you forget what is that to buy a pig in a poke. Everything is in open access, because we are proud of our services:

  • It’s accessible on Freezvon to make an ordering;
  • Use number with local rates for any phone operations;
  • Add any services to your number as call recording, conference call, greeting message, click to call, and many others;
  • It’s used without additional technics or SIM-cards;
  • It’s cheap and easy in use even if you’re not good at techniques.

What are categories of virtual numbers for USA?

Before making a choice of what number you need, it’s obligatory to define what type of number you really need. They are for:

  1. Fax;
  2. Calls;
  3. SMS;
  4. Fax and Calls/SMS and Calls;
  5. Multichannel numbers (multiple lines for a number);
  6. Toll free 800 numbers (subscribers making free calls to you).

Details about prices and rates

Freezvon prefers making its clients familiarized with services it has. Especially, we are proud of our call service called SIP call. When you get your SIP account, you have a possibility to make cheap calls or get free calls to it. This function is quite fitting when you need to communicate with foreign side of world.

What is process of buying USA virtual number?

Now it’s the most delightful moment comes. You need to get a product according to your aims. Freezvon offers you to make these steps filled:

  • Sign up to Freezvon;
  • Get your balance filled with money for communication;
  • Pick “USA”;
  • Select number you need;
  • Ordering has been started!

Learn more concerning payment systems designated for buying telephone services by Freezvon. Please, wait for a connection of your virtual number during 24 hours. We will send you a notification about its availability.

Before going to make a purchase, you should clean up all moment in IP telephony sphere. Technical experts you can contact via Skype, email or online chat. Click here and contact them from this moment.

Available area codes and costs for usa virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
S Cent. and Cent. Coastal California: Ventura Coun8051010+++
E Virginia: Richmond8041010+++
South Carolina: Colombia; Aiken; Sumter8031010+-+
Utah: Salt Lake City Metro8011010+++
Toll Free8002040+--
Puerto Rico7871010+--
SE Florida; Monroe County7861010+--
N & W Kansas: Topeka7851010+-+
Massachusetts: Boston surburbs; to the north and w7811010+--
Nevada: Reno7751010+++
Cent. Massachusetts: Framingham; Cape Cod7741010+++
Illinois: city of Chicago; outside the loop7731010+++
S. Central Florida: St. Lucie; Martin; and Indian7721010+--
Georgia: Atlanta suburbs: outside of I-285 ring ro7701010+--
Indiana: outside Indianapolis7651010+--
Minnesota: Minneapolis metro area7631010+-+
California: San Diego North County to Sierra Nevad7601010+--
E Virginia: Tidewater / Hampton Roads area -- Norf7571010+++
Florida: Broward County area; incl Ft. Lauderdale7541010+--
SE Ohio7401010+-+
SE Michigan: west and south of Detroit -- Ann Arbo7341010+++
Cent. New Jersey: Toms River; New Brunswick; Bound7321010+++
W Tennessee: outside Memphis metro area7311010+-+
Florida Tampa Metro: Saint Petersburg; Clearwater7271010+++
SW Pennsylvania7241010+--
SE Colorado: Pueblo; Colorado Springs7191010+++
Central Colorado: Denver7201010+++
New York City Metro Area; New York7181010+-+
NW New York: Buffalo7161010+++
E Pennsylvania: Harrisburg7171010+++
N Wisconsin: Eau Claire; Wausau; Superior7151010+--
North and Central Orange County7141010+--
W Iowa: Council Bluffs7121010+--
Texas - Houston7131010+-+
Illinois: south suburbs of Chicago7081010+--
NW California: Santa Rosa; Napa; Vallejo; American7071010+++
W North Carolina: Charlotte7041010+++
N Georgia: Columbus; Augusta7061010+--
Northern Virginia: Arlington; McLean; Tysons Corne7031010+-+
Nevada: Clark County; incl Las Vegas7021010+-+
North Dakota7011010+++
Texas: Fort Worth areas6821010+++
N Georgia: metropolitan Atlanta6781010+++
N Mississippi: Tupelo; Grenada6621010+++
California: N Los Angeles; Mckittrick; Mojave; New6611010+++
N Missouri6601010+--
California: Peninsula south of San Francisco -- Sa6501010+--
Cent. Minnesota: St. Paul6511010+-+
New York ) NYC: Manhattan only6461010+-+
Iowa: Mason City; Marshalltown; Creston; Ottumwa6411010+--
Missouri: W St. Louis metro area of St. Louis coun6361010+-+
W NE Illinois; western suburbs of Chicago6301010+-+
New York: Suffolk County; Long Island; Huntington;6311010+-+
E S California: Pasadena6261010+++
Arizona: West Phoenix6231010+-+
S Kansas: Wichita6201010+--
Massachusetts: greater Boston6171010+++
S Illinois: Centralia6181010+-+
S California: San Diego6191010+++
SE Ohio: Columbus6141010+++
E Tennessee: Nashville metro area6151010+++
W Michigan: Holland; Grand Haven; Greenville; Gran6161010+-+
Cent. Minnesota: Minneapolis6121010+-+
S New Jersey: Trenton6091010+-+
SE Pennsylvania: Allentown; Bethlehem; Reading; We6101010+-+
SW Wisconsin: Madison6081010+++
South Dakota6051010+-+
E Kentucky: area east of Frankfort: Ashland6061010+-+
S Cent. New York: Ithaca; Binghamton; Catskills6071010+++
Michigan: Macomb County5861010+-+
Mississippi: Meridian; Jackson area6011010+++
Arizona: Phoenix6021010+++
New Hampshire6031010+++
NW New York: Rochester5851010+-+
W Oklahoma5801010+--
N Indiana5741010+-+
SE Missouri: excluding St Louis metro area; includ5731010+--
Northern Virginia: Arlington; McLean; Tysons Corne5711010+-+
NE and N Central Pennsylvania: Wilkes-Barre; Scran5701010+--
Toledo, NW Ohio5671010+++
California: Long Beach5621010+++
E Iowa: Davenport; Dubuque5631010+--
S. Central Florida: Palm Beach County5611010+++
N New Jersey: Jersey City; Hackensack5511010+++
Central California: Fresno5591010+++
Oregon: Eugene; Medford5411010+++
Northern Virginia: Shenandoah and Roanoke valleys:5401010+-+
Cent. Michigan: Lansing5171010+-+
NE New York: Albany5181010+-+
SE Arizona: Flagstaff; Tucson area5201010+-+
NE California: Eldorado County; excluding Eldorado5301010+--
New York: Nassau County; Long Island; Hempstead5161010+++
Cent. Iowa: Des Moines5151010+++
SW Ohio: Cincinnati5131010+++
S Texas: Austin5121010+++
Cent. Massachusetts: Framingham; Cape Cod5081010+--
California: Oakland; East Bay5101010+++
E Washington state: Spokane5091010+++
New Mexico5051010+-+
S Minnesota: Rochester5071010+-+
E Louisiana: New Orleans metro area5041010+++
N Central Kentucky: Louisville5021010+++
Central Arkansas: Little Rock; Hot Srpings; Conway5011010+++
SE Pennsylvania: Allentown; Bethlehem; Reading; We4841010+-+
Arizona: East Phoenix4801010+++
NW Arkansas: Fayetteville; Springdale; Bentonville4791010+--
Central Georgia: Macon4781010+--
Texas: Dallas Metro4691010+++
E Maryland: Baltimore; Annapolis; Chesapeake Bay a4431010+++
Ohio: Cleveland metro area; excluding Cleveland4401010+++
Rural Utah outside Salt Lake City metro4351010+-+
E Virginia: Charlottesville; Lynchburg; Danville;4341010+--
W Texas: Big Spring; Midland; Odessa4321010+-+
NE Texas: Tyler4301010+--
Washington: North Tier - Everett; Bellevue4251010+++
S California: Los Angeles4241010+--
NW Ohio: Toledo4191010+-+
E Tennessee: Chattanooga; Bristol; Johnson City; K4231010+-+
SW Missouri: Springfield4171010+-+
California: San Francisco County and Marin County4151010+++
W Massachusetts: Springfield4131010+++
SE Wisconsin: Milwaukee County4141010+++
W Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh4121010+++
E Maryland: Baltimore; Annapolis; Chesapeake Bay a4101010+++
Central Florida: Metro Orlando4071010+++
SE Texas: Galveston; Port Arthur4091010+-+
Cent. Coastal California: San Jose4081010+++
W Oklahoma: Oklahoma City4051010+-+
N Georgia: Atlanta and suburbs4041010+++
E Nebraska: Omaha; Lincoln4021010+++
Rhode Island4011010+++
N central Florida: Lake City3861010+--
S Texas: Corpus Christi3611010+--
W Washington State: Olympia; Bellingham3601010+++
New York (except Manhattan)3471010+-+
Florida: Gainesville area; Ocala; Crystal River3521010+--
Massachusetts: Boston surburbs; to the south and w3391010+-+
SW Louisiana: Lake Charles; Lafayette3371010+++
S Alabama: Auburn/Opelika; Montgomery and coastal3341010+++
Cent. North Carolina: Greensboro3361010+++
NE Ohio: Akron; Canton; Youngstown; Mahoning Count3301010+++
S California: Los Angeles3231010+++
Central Texas: Abilene; Sweetwater; Snyder; San An3251010+--
Florida: Brevard County; Cape Canaveral area; Metr3211010+-+
N Cent. New York: Syracuse3151010+-+
Cent. Minnesota: Saint Cloud3201010+++
E Iowa: Cedar Rapids3191010+++
N Louisiana: Shreveport; Ruston; Monroe; Alexandri3181010+++
Cent. Indiana: Indianapolis3171010+++
S Kansas: Wichita3161010+++
SE Missouri: St Louis city and parts of the metro3141010+++
W Nebraska: North Platte3081010+--
W Cent. Illinois: Peoria3091010+-+
S California: Beverly Hills; West Hollywood; West3101010+++
Illinois: Chicago3121010+++
Michigan: Detroit and suburbs3131010+++
SE Florida: Miami; the Keys3051010+++
West Virginia3041010+-+
Central Colorado: Denver3031010+++
Texas: Houston Metro2811010+++
W Maryland: Silver Spring; Frederick; Camp Springs3011010+++
S and SW Virginia: Bristol; Stuart; Martinsville2761010+--
W Kentucky: Bowling Green; Paducah2701010+-+
Central Texas2541010+-+
E and N Alabama2561010+++
NE Indiana: Fort Wayne2601010+++
SE Wisconsin: counties of Kenosha; Ozaukee; Racine2621010+++
SE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia2671010+++
SW Michigan: Kalamazoo; Saugatuck; Hastings; Battl2691010+++
E North Carolina2521010+++
Washington: South Tier - Tacoma; Federal Way2531010+++
W Maryland: Silver Spring; Frederick2401010+++
Michigan: Oakland County2481010+++
S Alabama: Mobile and coastal areas; Jackson; Ever2511010+++
NE Ohio: Canton; Akron2341010+++
SW Georgia: Albany2291010+--
W Michigan: Northwestern portion of lower Peninsul2311010+++
S Mississippi2281010+-+
Northern NE Illinois: Evanston; Waukegan; Northbro2241010+++
Louisiana: Baton Rouge; New Roads; Donaldsonville;2251010+++
N Minnesota: Duluth2181010+-+
NW Indiana: Gary2191010+--
Texas: Dallas Metro2141010+++
Cent. Illinois: Springfield2171010+--
SE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia2151010+++
S California: Los Angeles2131010+++
New York City; New York2121515+-+
S Texas: San Antonio2101010+++
Cent. California: Stockton2091010+++
W Washington state: Seattle and Bainbridge Island2061010+++
Central Alabama2051010+++
Connecticut: Fairfield County and New Haven County2031010+++
N New Jersey: Jersey City; Hackensack2011010+++
Washington; D.C.2021010+-+
Panhandle Texas: Amarillo; Lubbock8061010+--
E Michigan: Flint; Pontiac8101010+++
S Indiana: Evansville8121010+--
SW Florida: Tampa Metro8131010+++
Cent. Pennsylvania: Erie8141010+-+
NW Illinois: Rockford; Kankakee8151010+--
N Missouri: Kansas City8161010+++
N Cent. Texas: Fort Worth area8171010+++
S California: Los Angeles: San Fernando Valley8181010+++
NW Quebec: Trois Rivieres8191010+--
W North Carolina: Asheville8281010+--
Texas: N and W of San Antonio8301010+--
California: central coast area from Santa Cruz thr8311010+++
Texas: Houston8321010+++
South Carolina; coastal area: Charleston; Beaufort8431010+++
New York: Poughkeepsie; Nyack; Nanuet; Valley Cott8451010+++
Northern NE Illinois: northwestern suburbs of chic8471010+++
Florida Panhandle; East of Tallahassee to Pensacol8501010+++
Toll Free 8552322+--
SW New Jersey: greater Camden area; Mt Laurel8561010+++
Massachusetts: greater Boston8571010+++
S California: San Diego8581010+++
N and Central Kentucky: Lexington; suburban KY cou8591010+++
Connecticut: areas outside of Fairfield and New Ha8601010+++
N New Jersey: Newark Paterson Morristown8621010+++
Florida: Polk County8631010+++
South Carolina; upstate area: Greenville; Spartanb8641010+++
E Tennessee: Knoxville; Knox and adjacent counties8651010+++
Arkansas: areas outside of west/central AR: Jonesb8701010+-+
W Tennessee: Memphis metro area9011010+++
NE Texas: Tyler9031010+--
N Florida: Jacksonville9041010+++
Upper Peninsula Michigan: Sault Ste. Marie; Escana9061010+--
Cent. New Jersey: Elizabeth; Basking Ridge; Somerv9081010+-+
California: Inland empire: San Bernardino9091010+++
S Cent. North Carolina: Fayetteville; Wilmington9101010+-+
SE Georgia: Savannah9121010+--
Kansas: Kansas City area9131010+++
S New York: Westchester County9141010+++
W Texas: El Paso9151010+++
NE California: Sacramento; Walnut Grove; Lincoln;9161010+++
New York: New York City9171010+++
E Oklahoma: Tulsa9181010+++
E North Carolina: Raleigh9191010+++
NE Wisconsin: Appleton; Green Bay; Sheboygan; Fond9201010+++
California: Contra Costa area: Antioch; Concord; P9251010+++
Central and Northern Arizona: Prescott; Flagstaff;9281010+++
Central Tennessee: semi-circular ring around Nashv9311010+-+
SE Texas: Conroe; Lufkin; Nacogdoches; Crockett9361010+--
SW Ohio: Dayton9371010+++
N Cent. Texas: Denton; Wichita Falls9401010+-+
SW Florida: Sarasota and Manatee counties9411010+++
California: S Coastal Orange County9491010+--
California: W Riverside County9511010+++
Florida: Broward County area; incl Ft. Lauderdale9541010++-
Texas: Valley of Texas area; Harlingen; Laredo9561010+++
N and W Colorado9701010+-+
Oregon: Metropolitan Portland; Salem/Keizer area;9711010+-+
Texas: Dallas Metro9721010+++
N New Jersey: Newark Paterson Morristown9731010+++
Massachusetts: north of Boston to NH9781010+--
SE Texas: Galveston; Port Arthur; Bryan; College S9791010+-+
E Louisiana: SE/N shore of Lake Pontchartrain: Ham9851010+-+
Upper central Michigan: Mt Pleasant; Saginaw9891010+--
Toll Free8662322+-+
Toll Free8772322+-+
Toll Free8882322+-+

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