This article will explain what a toll-free number is, how to get a toll-free number, and the 4 key steps you need to follow in order to get the best possible toll-free number for you in the US.

What does toll-free mean?

Toll-free refers to a phone number that is used to make a long-distance call, whereby the call is not charged to the person making the call.

Toll-free phone numbers are commonly used in all areas of commerce but most commonly, for customer service. Where some businesses charge their customers per minute to call them, businesses who opt to use toll-free numbers do not.

Toll-free prefixes differ in different countries. For example, for the USA toll-free codes are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. For Brazil, Belgium, Germany, and many other countries around the world, the code is 0800. In the UK, it's 0800 or 0808. In Russia, it's 8800, and so on.

4 steps to get the best toll-free number in the USA

Be up to date on the latest FCC guidelines

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) establishes the rules for how to get toll-free numbers, as well as how to use them. Business phone numbers are assigned by different organizations however.

These organizations are known as ‘Responsible Organizations’ or ‘RespOrgs’. Make sure that you’re aware of these guidelines at all times, to ensure that you’re getting a number which works for you.

Prices For Toll Free (800 numbers) for USA

Make a shortlist of US toll-free service providers

Shortlisting the most reliable toll-free number providers (based on the information that you collect from a variety of trusted sources online) will ensure that you get the best toll-free number.

In particular, providers such as Freezvon offer additional features that improve how you work with VoIP services.

Make a comparison of call management features

If you’re a business owner, these features will help you to vastly improve the service that you offer. You can gain access to services such as call forwarding, transfer options, call recording, call conferencing, call analytics, and many more services.

Assess the customization of features and plan options

Getting the best-suited toll-free number for your business will assist your business with its ROI goals long term. What exactly is on offer? Do the features and plans presented provide your company with solutions that will ultimately improve your business? These are the sorts of questions you should be asking yourself when you assess what’s being offered to you.

With this in mind, did you know that Freezvon offers features that don’t normally come with toll-free numbers, such as virtual IP PBX systems? What’s more, Freezvon offers the ability to create your own virtual office, without any additional equipment required.

This means that you can make and receive calls on multiple virtual phone numbers, via an unlimited amount of lines, as well as gaining access to other useful features, such as the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu, call monitoring, and much more!