A well-equipped call center is like an army with closed ranks that takes over the attack of incoming calls and emerges from this “battle” as a winner - having received new satisfied customers. Contact centers, organized using virtual (cloud) telephony, receive calls not through a wired connection but over the Internet. It adds flexibility and reduces infrastructure costs.

What is Cloud Telephony?

When we talk about a cloud call center, we mean that the company uses virtual telephony technologies. VoIP provider is responsible for the software and bears the cost of maintaining it, and that's what makes it convenient. The company orders a virtual number and VoIP services for its call center and gets call forwarding control. Since all resources are concentrated in the cloud, the company uses telephony without being tied to a specific address.

Let's look into the benefits a business gets by leaning toward cloud VoIP telephony for a support center.

Reducing the Call Center Launch Time

Deploying a local support center can take many weeks. First, you have to find, purchase and install the equipment, and for the latter, you also have to invite a professional for the installation. And for VoIP telephony, it is enough to have a fast Internet connection.

A call center can begin the work after spending on connecting a virtual PBX only a few hours. If the company was using analog telephone services, and now you're switching to VoIP, then you don't have to decommission equipment purchased in the past: set up call forwarding from your virtual number to landline phones or computers with a headset.

Easy Scalability for Lesser Cost

A cloud-based call center solution will make it easier to react to seasonal changes in demand.
Need more agents? With the virtual PBX service, you can quickly add extensions, adjusting the number of agents depending on utilized capacity.


How to present your company services in other countries using traditional telephony tools? By setting up branch offices. It will cost you - you will have to pay rent, recruit additional personnel, install telephone hardware. But this expenditure will not be necessary if you use VoIP telephony - your support department will be able to serve customers remotely.

Cloud VoIP providers have data centers all around the world which is why they provide telephony at the lowest prices. It is enough to set up multichannel 800 Toll-Free numbers for the region you need to create an effect of your presence there.

For example, an outsourcing company from Kyiv working with Ukrainian and foreign customers had purchased virtual numbers. Customers from Kharkiv, Berlin, Minsk will contact a toll-free line and all calls will be forwarded to the central Kyiv contact center. These calls will be processed by the IVR that offers to choose language to forward a call to the agent that speaks that language. The company works with foreign customers, that's why call center managers can talk to customers in a language that is convenient for them.

Customer Service Quality Control

Flawless customer service is based on call center analysis done in a timely manner. Timely analysis of call center activities is the basis for perfect service. Cloud telephony allows you to collect data on the call volume, missed calls, call duration, customer satisfaction (a service quality survey can be integrated into the IVR menu), average call hold time. Using the recordings of conversations, as well as statistical data, you have to update the call center scripts for your agents.

Tracking Expenses in Real-time

When you start using cloud telephony for your call center, you can forget about spending on equipment or buying licenses. The costs will be clearly recorded by the system - it is easy to check the cost of each call and monthly fees for the budget planning. The cost of maintaining a cloud support center is significantly less than a stationary one. Moreover, the provider carries out software updates, so you do not incur any additional costs.

Virtual Telephony Tools for Better Performance of Call Center

Order Freezvon virtual PBX to organized and manage your call center. PBX works through a web application, as all the resources are stored on the cloud server of your provider. You will get a whole package of tools for call management. Of course, you will need to connect a virtual number from a specific country. The phone number will be assigned to the user, not a location. If you are expanding your office or changing the location of the call center, all the telephony tools are still available 24/7.

How to Use Freezvon Cloud VoIP Services for Business Benefit?

1. Manage more calls and get more profits

Connect virtual multichannel 800 Toll-Free phone numbers that create a free line to receive incoming calls. Then the potential customer call flow will grow and the call center will be able to close more deals. Besides that, you won't lose any calls even if they're coming in after-hours or during a rush hour. Voicemail will keep all the inquiries - as soon as one of the managers frees up, they will call the customer back.

2. Manage Call Center Productivity

Take the process of call distribution among your managers under control by using a virtual PBX. Use call queue management to ensure your agents can answer every customer call. And IVR could voice the answers to the most frequently asked questions directly as the call starts, without waiting for an operator's response. If you assign clients to a manager, then this "assignment" will help to build trust.

3. Build a Recognizable Brand

Just like your website design, your telephony could be adapted to your brand. Record a welcoming message for your virtual number using the services of a professional voice artist. A recognizable phrase, short but on point in describing your service, will increase brand recognition, and a promo offer as a hook will raise the interest in the service since the first call of a customer.

4. Get New Leads

One of the VoIP services that will, potentially, be able to drive more leads to a call center, is a Callback website widget. It has more than a few benefits:

  • Customer who is interested in your services will find it easier to push "Callback" button to get answers from your call center managers rather than spend time to look up your contacts and spend money on the call;
  • Callback allows gathering requests and contact information of potential buyers even outside of business hours;
  • The widget will work on retention. A Callback button could be placed on the landing page with a call to action or on the "Services" page. And when a user intends to close the page or change the tab, the system will activate a pop-up window with Callback widgets and offer to connect the person with your call center.

Use the benefits of cloud technology and modernize your call center right now. Freezvon experts will help to choose a virtual number and to set up a virtual PBX. Order your PBX trial, and later you will be able to choose a suitable service package.