A lot of companies started to use WhatsApp for customer communication and business messaging. Even though WhatsApp uses Voice over IP protocol (VoIP) and WhatsApp Business also allows you to have an additional channel of contact with consumers, but it cannot cover all the business telphony needs completely.

Let's see what does WhatsApp Business offers, and why it still makes sense to use IP telephony and virtual numbers.

How WhatsApp Business is Used?

When creating a profile in the WhatsApp application, users link their account to their SIM card. You can create only one account per phone number, which creates inconvenience for entrepreneurs. If you need to use WhatsApp Business for business communication with clients, you either need to connect several accounts for different managers or use additional paid systems - aggregators that allow several specialists to work from one account.

Can WhatsApp be Used for VoIP Calls to External Phone Numbers?

WhatsApp uses VoIP for conducting calls and sending messages. But there are limitations to the app: calls are possible only among users of this app. You cannot use it to receive or make calls to external mobile and landline numbers, whether domestically or Internationally, unlike traditional virtual phone numbers. That's why WhatsApp is more suitable for sending messages with information about orders or answering questions of customers that also have this application.

How Regular Virtual Phone Numbers Solve More Business Needs

Companies purchase virtual numbers because of several factors: it's cheaper than analog telephony, it doesn't need additional hardware, it's possible to talk with International customers as though you're local-based. WhatsApp Business is less suitable for outgoing calls that you make to present your product or service to potential customers. Because you won't be able to contact them if they do not approve your contact request.

You should also keep in mind the weaknesses of WhatsApp or similar apps:

  • Accounts could be hacked more often;
  • Customers could become unaccessible if they uninstall the app;
  • You won't be able to use call recording, which often comes in handy to check the order's details. WhatsApp does not have this feature, so you would need to install yet another third-party app, which is often chargeable;
  • Your telephone number is connected to your SIM card - and you can receive only one call at a time;
  • No call forwarding.

The existence of online chats did not lead to users forgetting about phone calls. During personal communication, a manager will have an easier time making an additional sale, than in chat. To make customer interactions more productive, it's more advantageous to use a virtual phone number.

How to Make More Sales with a Virtual Number?

Traditional VoIP services allow a business to better react to customer requests. And you won't have to purchase any kind of service from third parties. It's better to get everything you require from one reliable IP telephony provider, Freezvon. We can provide virtual numbers with local and International phone codes, as well as additional services, at a favorable price.

VoIP services for business:

  • Virtual numbers for SMS. You can receive messages to your email for free and send SMS from your account at low rates;
  • Call forwarding. You can forward calls to a device of your preference. For example, to a PC during weekdays, to receive or make calls. Or to a mobile phone (laptop) of a remote agent during the weekend, at nighttime for 24/7 support.
  • Call recording. This feature allows saving conversations between an agent and a customer, storing the audio on a cloud server of the provider. Recordings will be helpful for the agent's performance appraisal, or the training of new employees;
  • Toll-free calls. You can order a multichannel Toll-Free number 800 series to receive a high volume of simultaneous calls. Or you can set up website widgets. They will be connected to a phone number, and customers will see a pop-up that allows them to connect with an agent immediately (Click to Call widget) or leave their phone number to get a call from the manager within 30 seconds (Callback). These widgets improve the conversion rate of the website and save time for your customers.

Entrepreneurs use WhatsApp to further the reach of existing channels of communication with potential customers. But you have to remember that classic virtual numbers have more options for building a convenient customer service and increasing profit than what offers WhatsApp Business.