Entrepreneurs allocate considerable funds to business advertisements. But you can lose a customer even on the stage when they are ready to call and place the order. To use 100% of all the possibilities of VoIP telephony, let's analyze mistakes that can hinder your telephone sales.

Lack of Plan for Inbound Call Response

It's difficult to leave a good impression on buyers when the call is ignored for a long time, or an agent has a poor attitude reflected in how he interacts with customers.

To understand how to change it, put yourself into the customer's shoes and imagine what your customer is feeling during a call.

VoIP services that will be helpful:

  • Instead of making the customer wait on the line listening to the dial tone, set up a cheerful and encouraging greeting message that also could shortly describe services the company provides or available promotions;
  • IVR recorded by a professional voice actor will make you stand out among competitors. In just a few seconds of listening to the message, customers can choose where to forward the call: to an account manager or customer support. Thanks to it, they will get to the person they were looking for, and not to an agent that doesn't have all the answers they need.

You are not Using Queue Time with Efficiency

A high-volume call flow is inevitable when you have a product in demand. But why not use the time your customers spend on hold or in a queue to improve your sales? VoIP allows to set up a background music - the simplest way to hold attention. But voice messages net even more results. They could tell about a new product or service, loyalty programs, service's selling points, share a promo code, which will strengthen the desire to wait for an agent's response.

Cutting Costs at Virtual Numbers to the Detriment of the Service as a Whole

Even though telephone sales are still one of the main sales channels, sometimes entrepreneurs underestimate the importance telephony still has for business. Unpractical cost reduction may take the form of purchasing only one virtual landline number, without allocating a budget on additional cell phone numbers. A customer will think twice if they should spend money calling a landline, or just look up another company.

For a lot of countries, Freezvon connects 0-800 Toll-Free numbers, so the customers could contact a hotline without thinking about phone expenses. If there are no 0800 numbers for your country, you can compensate for that with Click-to-Call or Callback widgets. Then, customers only have to wait until you contact him, and they won't spend money.

Missing Calls are not Processed

What should your customers do when they are almost ready for the purchase but still have some questions to be addressed to a manager, and yet they can't do that - the line is busy? Notably, IP telephony keeps records of missing calls in call history as a matter of course (available in your account at Freezvon). But not always managers process them. As a result, the company loses up to 30% of the deals just by not calling back.

If in addition to processing missed calls you set up a voicemail, it will also minimize the orders you are losing.

No Call Recording

How to assess, do your managers work by the script or allow themselves a free conversation style? What helped one employee to make more sales when others remain on an average level? You will manage your call center and sales department better, as well as identify weak points of your service, by using call recording. This service could be connected to any virtual number or configured on VoIP PBX.

No Control Over Expenditures

VoIP telephony is in demand due to the cheap calling rates. But sometimes, entrepreneurs forget to top up their balance, and their telephone connections could be cut at a really inopportune time.

Virtual numbers have a monthly subscription fee. The cost of each call and the amount on the account are displayed in your account. Assign someone to track the balance or order a subscription for several months. It's easier to control, and you get a discount from Freezvon.

Long Audio Messages in IVR

Interactive voice response makes call forwarding quicker. But even IVR won't do much good if you're using voice messages that are too lengthy. A lot of people hang up before an agent can respond. It's better to be concise.

If a high-volume call flow to the call center is common in your business, then a Callback could be used in addition to IVR. Customers won't need to wait on the line for long, while managers will know the customer's name and would be able to personalize their first interaction.

Are you getting the most from your virtual telephony? To keep customers satisfied with the service level and make repeat purchases, keep our recommendations in mind when you configure your IP telephony. And contact Freezvon to set up the services you require.