Is it possible to present your services and goods on the American market without opening a representative office there? You can achieve it if you work through a virtual USA office. You can avoid superfluous expenses for rent and create an effect of presence thanks to a legal address and a virtual American number.

What Is a Virtual Office in the USA and How to Organize It?

When we're talking about a virtual office, what we mean is the company provides services to US residents remotely. You can find classifieds on the Internet where outsourcing companies offer to hire US denizens as the staff as local representatives for your company. It's a more complicated and expensive option. It's far easier to start working with your team, using technical resources and VoIP telephony.

Benefits of a Virtual Office

Imagine, how many difficulties you have to go through to open a branch in the USA? To get a visa and go to the States, to spend time searching for the premises, then pay the rent, utility bills, salary for the US employees. And the legal registration of the company takes resources you could have channeled to business development.

But you will avoid most of these issues with a virtual office and can focus your team's attention and efforts on client prospecting. You will have time to conduct market demand research on users from different states and find a market segment that brings you maximized profits. With your virtual office working toward your image, adding appeal and legitimacy, you will establish your trustworthiness in the eyes of American users much quicker.

Stages of Opening a Virtual Office

Before you launch a virtual office, you have to start by studying up the USA legal regulations. Get counseling from a US lawyer, to understand how the marketplace is regulated, and how customer rights are protected. Assess technical requirements of the team and decide what services will you use for project management. Now you can move forward to forming your remote online office.

Step 1: Get a Virtual Address

Customers will be able to purchase your goods and services with more trust if they can find your company on the map. You don't necessarily have to rent a property for that. Having a local address is a requirement for US entrepreneurs. A virtual address in a prominent place in the USA will raise the affinity of the potential customers for you.

Step 2: Find a Virtual Assistant

To run operations in the USA, you can use the help of an online assistant. It could be a local expert who knows the niche, the right people, can give business advice based on their understanding of the American market. You can hire them for your team or employ the services on a temporary basis.

An assistant can also help with making deals because sometimes customers want to talk eye-to-eye with a firm's representative before signing the deal. A virtual office in the USA will require a post box. A US-based assistant will receive, scan business correspondence that is addressed to you. You can officially register a post box through special services or UPS branches.

Step 3: Open a Bank Account

To get paid by American customers, you will require a bank account. And to open it, you need a legal and a postal address. You don't need to be present personally, to open the account - it could be opened by non-residents using the details of the virtual office.

Step 4: Connect a USA Phone Number

It's impossible to make progress in business without communication. It's a universal method of prospecting - telephone negotiations. People are more open to picking up local numbers, so you are going to need one of them.

At Freezvon, you can connect a virtual USA mobile number or local numbers with a phone code from a particular state (New Jersey, California, Texas, Florida, and so on) or city (Washington DC, New York, Pittsburgh, etc). A VoIP number doesn't need a SIM card. You can configure office telephony without telephone hardware.

Features of a virtual US number:

  • Receiving calls from the US customers with free SIP forwarding;
  • Cheap rates for outgoing calls;
  • Call recordings are easy to set up, to make sure you won't miss any details during the negotiations;
  • Informing US customers via texting;
  • Customers can contact the support for free via 1-800 Toll-Free number;
  • With a virtual number for the fax, you will receive all business-related papers to email in PDF format.

With a virtual address and a phone number in the required regional code, a company becomes more available for locals, and finding customers gets easier even if you don't have a real branch office there.

Use Freezvon virtual PBX to simplify the process of answering calls for your team. This service allows configuring call forwarding, voicemail, brand greeting message, managing multichannel incoming phone lines. IP PBX is suitable for team communication because it allows you to assign extensions for quick connection, as well as use conference calls for the team.

A virtual office in the USA will open a path to International trade. The fact that your company has an office within the States will improve your image. And with cost-effective VoIP USA numbers and Freezvon IP telephony services, all calls, SMS, and faxes from the customers will be received in a timely manner. Our support works 24/7 to support your success on the road to developing on the USA market.