Do you have an outdated legacy phone setup? Are you using cell phones for your business communications? If you're looking for alternatives, let's review 3 main reasons to switch to virtual numbers and VoIP instead.

1) Low cost

Lower cost for VoIP is rooted in several points:

  • International call rates
  • Calls are going through the Internet and not through cellular or landline network so you're going to get lower call rates for outgoing calls Internationally than you would have if you used your regular phone.

  • Setup and maintenance cost
  • Setup and maintenance cost is much lower for something that doesn't need physical equipment and cords and wires. It's much easier to set up too, unlike a traditional PBX, which would require a team of technicians to implement and support. It doesn't need additional storage space either, which could be crucial when renting an office space. But most importantly, the setup requires less time, and time, in business, equals money.

  • Control over the cost
  • VoIP allows for more meticulous control over what you spend on calls. You can have detailed data on how much per second a call costs you if anything (incoming calls are frequently free of charge for the most virtual numbers). Switching or adding providers with favorable call rates is easier done with VoIP than with landline phones or cell phone carriers. You literally don't have to leave your office or your apartment for this as it's all done over the Internet.

2) Functionality

Software and technology development in the last 10 years or so allows you to have features it's not possible or not so easy to get with your regular landlines or cell phones. Like IVR menu, conditional call forwarding, call queues, and more, all of which could be used to enhance your communication with customers and partners. And that, in turn, will allow you to be more efficient and make more profit, all for the less cost.

3) Scalability and geographical location

VoIP services, unlike traditional phone systems, are easy to scale up and down depending on your business needs, and for a lot less cost too. Adding more agents when needed could be as easy as adding a few more internal lines on your IP PBX.

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And, to help your business grow even more, it's easy to get a phone number from a city or country you're not physically present in. Which isn't possible with traditional landline set up and hard to do with cell phone SIM cards.

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There's a lot more going for virtual numbers in relation to how VoIP can help you grow your business. But the lower cost that provides you more features and more opportunities are the main ones everyone should consider before starting a business.