Every professional working with customers and providing appropriate products knows that for clients it's very important to have fast technical support in critical situations, for example, if you can not enter your personal profile, or your account is blocked for some unknown reasons, which can be even worse. That's why a company should always be in touch with their client and have an ability to sale their products thanks to sales department. This can be arranged in different ways convenient for both sides. In this article, we are going to tell you how to organize support customer service and sales department.

Speaking about Freezvon Company our technical department managed the work in order to give the clients a possibility to contact them any time and any day. They work 24 hours per day, without weekends and breaks. So that, people using phone features can stay calm and sure in workability of their order.

What is customer service organization and why do you need it?

In every company working with client base you may observe well-formed and correct customer service known also as support team or technical department that is always ready to give some help, useful advice or consultation to people using its services or products. There are different ways to make your communication with customers easy and more efficient as online systems (live chat, Skype), call centers etc., but we will tell you about them in the next point.

First, you should realize if you get in good with clients, your business grows, sales go higher, base of potential customers become wider, company obtain respect and trust on appropriate sphere on international or local markets. Having high qualified and competent employees working with clients, you will make the income bigger.

What methods of organizing support team and work with client?

We would like to present you the ways of customer technical support, which is also used by Freezvon and which really works. Learn the some of them:

  • Ticket system – that is a system of requests permitting to solve problems concern your services use. It allows you to respond to customer requests, and they, in turn, keep up to date with their support requests;
  • 24-hours regime of work – this method gives lots of advantages to help clients anytime no matter what time is it;
  • Online live chat – that is a way of fast responses to customers in online regime. This is very effective when you can communicate with customer and answer his questions quickly;
  • Call center – that will really allocate your site among the sites of other resellers and companies. Do not start to organize a call center, buy phones, etc. Such services provide applications for IP-telephony, as well as virtual phone numbers.

What is sales department and why do you need this?

It should be mentioned, that sales department is a heart of the company, but it can’t exist separately from the whole body. When your company deals with marketing and needs to sell, such section as sellers is extremely necessary. You need to hire only active and energetic people to this department, who is passionate about sales and is ready to self-actualization in profession of marketing expert.

With well-formed sales office you may increase income, attract more people wishing to buy products, develop your company not only on local, but also international market. So that, in the next part of article, you can see the tips of creating and organizing sales department work.

How to create sales department and why do you need it?

Actually, that is very important to organize the work of this section. That’s a kind of marketing part of the company. So now, we present you a list of points with organization of this branch:

  • It’s necessary to create a marketing strategy;
  • Inform your operators with news about the product you sell, use mass texting via email;
  • Create a template of letters for your potential clients and scripts for calls dialogues;
  • Organize a Call-center system for operators which may be set as virtual PBX station;
  • Form the base of customers and potential customers;
  • Examine the statistics of calls made by operators, observe their answers, help them to improve their work with clients;
  • Motivate your operators to learn more and attract more clients ready to buy your product;
  • Hold the trainings, seminars and courses for teaching your employees something new in sales and marketing.

How Freezvon services can help you to organize or ameliorate your support and sales department?

If you need to organize excellent work of your customer support service, you can order virtual IP PBX system from Freezvon with all useful features as internal numbers for phone operators, unlimited amount of SIP-accounts for getting calls and dialing, voicemail, CDR (statistic), IVR, hold a music etc. Moreover, this telephone system can be set up on your own via personal account on our site.

In addition, you can have virtual multichannel phone numbers for various countries in order to get incoming and make outgoing calls. When you have international business and multi-language customer service, these virtual phone numbers will help you to save money and do not pay high bills for calls. They work on principle of forwarding calls to such directions as SIP, other mobile or landline number.

For example, you can buy UK virtual number, USA toll free or other foreign countries for English speaking clients, Russia phone number for Russian-speaking customers and setup call forwarding to any convenient device where are your business is based. Also, setup multi-language welcome message and IVR menu to greet your customer and forward calls to necessary department. Call history and recording help to monitor the calls and improve your customer and sales departments. Freezvon offers not only virtual numbers for calls, but also for SMS and fax.

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As you see there are enormous items concerning good and fast work of right formed customer service and sales department, we could even continue the lists, but it’s too big. So, that’s up to you to follow our instructions and advices. Only you should know they really work.

If you are interested in our services of VoIP telephony or PBX system, contact our technical support managers via Skype, help live chat, email or by phone presented on our website. We are always online and ready to give you some help anytime!