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Technical progress makes the Earth go round. We can’t imagine life without using of telephone stuff. It’s difficult to overestimate the role of phone. We don’t have to force our mind and try to remember long number digits. Just push on the buttons and call anybody you need. Using the advantages of IP-telephony, you can not only economize your money on intercity and international calls but also make your communication more comfortable and qualitative thanks to virtual number with additional services presented by Freezvon.

How can you order an additional service?

You can order any additional services. Here is what you need to do:

  • Firstly, you need to buy a virtual number.
  • Next, you have to submit a request from your personal account to set up additional services of your choosing;
  • After that, our technical support will configure your additional services as requested;
  • When it's done, we will send you a notification to your email.

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How to buy

Virtual phone systems and services: their prices

Pay your attention to full list of phone services from Freezvon that is available to set up and use. Each system and service have its certain peculiarity and is accessible for various virtual numbers. For example, virtual numbers for calls can have almost all services, for sms - only several, for fax - no additional services. You can find also prices for setting of each of them:

Service Price

Call forwarding

Calls forwarding

Inbound calls rules - call routing to a specific device (a SIP or a phone number).

Simple configuration – for free;
Complex configuration – 20$.

Forwarding and routing for calls

Conditional call forwarding

There are three types of conditions for conditional call forwarding:

1) Unavailable;
2) Busy;
3) No answer.


Greeting message


A greeting is a playback of a pre-recorded audio file during a call.

Free installation:
1. Your own audio recording;
2. Creating an audio recording by your text - from 20$ (depending on the word count).



A feature allowing to leave you a voice message which we will send to your email address if you miss a call or could not answer it.

Free installation:
1. Your own audio recording;
2. Our standard audio recording;
3. Creating an audio recording by your text - from 20$ (depending on the word count).

IVR menu

IVR menu

Interactive voice response menu uses pre-recorded audio clips to help your caller figure out what button they need to push on the dial pad to route the call to the department they need.

Setting the IVR menu (1st level - 10 digits) - 20$;

Setting the IVR menu (every additional level) - 5$;

Creating an audio recording by your text - from 20$ (depending on the word count).

background music

Background music

Pleasant music played instead of a boring dial tone.


Record calls

Calls recording

Record all your conversation for subsequent call monitoring.

10$ per month.

Blacklist and whitelist

Blacklists and whitelists

Allows splitting customers groups based on whether you want to allow calls from them or block them.

Under 10 phone numbers - 10$;
Unlimited - 50$.

Conference call

Conference Calls (Virtual Meeting Room)

Ability to simultaneously converse with multiple people around the world (available only as a part of an IP PBX package).


Call history

Call history

Detailed information about volume of inbound and outbound calls, i.e. date and time of a call, length, cost, and a phone number.


Click to call (call from website)

Click to call (a call from your website)

A feature that allows an instant call from your website. It is a toll-free call for the caller.




A feature that allows your customers to leave a request for a call.


Prices for Additional Phone Services

Freezvon is always trying to help its subscribers to develop their business and other goals. Get special offer called PBX station that is known as VoIP services package with various facilities as SIP-accounts, interior numbers for cheap talks, salutation message, music of background, click to call, interactive menu, voicemail and others. Check prices and conditions of usage below in the article.

Why virtual numbers need additional services

Sometimes simply to have a VoIP virtual number is not enough for increasing clients base, improve running business and get worldwide coverage. That is why our customers face a strict necessity in setting additional systems and services. There can be situations when you need to record for example calls - without additional facilities you will not have a chance to perform it. Or you need to talk to several people simultaneously - the option of conference call can help you to do this. Just having a single virtual number - does not show you the whole perfection of its quality and way of connection. Use your chance to feel what IP telephony really means and can do.

Benefits of using VoIP telephony systems and services

Nevertheless, what type of phone number you pick - various additional telephone features are provided. In spite of these services will certainly be useful and convenient for you. Benefits are apparent and they are the following:

  • Visual appearance of location in definite country;
  • Great money saving due to low prices;
  • Opportunity to receive free calls;
  • Simple organization of telephone communication because forwarding option;
  • Availability in any world point;
  • Stability of number’s work;
  • Excellent connection quality of any virtual number;
  • Cheap international outgoing calls;
  • Big choice of services.

Together with all these odds for your chosen number, the usage of virtual telephony will be simpler and more profitable for you in such way that it may replace your today’s telephony once for all time.

About additional virtual systems and services

Pay your attention to full list of VoIP phone services from Freezvon that is accessible to set up and use. Each system and service have its certain peculiarity and is available for different numbers. For example, Freezvon numbers for calls can have almost all services, for sms - only several, for fax - no additional services. You can find also prices for setting of each of them. In order to improve quality of connection and as a result quality of communication process with clients, friends or relatives - there exists a huge number of additional virtual phone systems and services available on our site with unique virtual numbers. Look through the following features:

  • Greeting message – special message that salutes the callers and give them short piece of information about the company. Interesting greetings can raise your company up;
  • IVR menu – kind of telephone menu that direct callers to needed company department or to the operator;
  • Hold a music – pleasant melody instead of annoying telephone tones;
  • Call history – saved information concerning the calling stuff;
  • Voicemail – function that gives an opportunity to leave voice messages if the calls were lost and not answered.
  • Call recording – possibility to record a call for better functioning of company;
  • Conditional call forwarding – this kind of call redirection depends on the time or date;
  • Click to call – the function that permits to call immediately from the site. That’s free calls for site visitors;
  • Call back – possibility to recall thanks to received requests from the people who are not able to call at the moment;
  • Blacklist and whitelist - With the help of these services, you can limit the dialing of certain (undesirable) subscribers and add them to the blacklist or identify some contacts as "important" by adding them to the whitelist.

Each of following virtual phone systems and services may be set according to your special standards and rules: you may offer your own variant how a single service should look like. All wishes regarding to technical task will be considered – your telephone number together with phone services will look exactly as you need and the work of your office will be organized and well-planned.

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How to buy

When you feel confused or you do not understand how to install any of our additional services, ask our technical department how to do that. Our specialists are always ready to give you advice and consult you with special moments. Our technical team is available via Skype, email, online live chat or telephone number. Do not hesitate and with all your questions address to our technical department that works 24 hours per day. Contact us here.

Payment methods

During the ordering process for a phone number, you will be asked how you would like to pay, and you will also receive a list of payment methods accepted by Freezvon. Our team aims to provide our customers with a variety of different payment methods.

Payment method for bank cards Visa Payment method for bank cards Master Card Payment method for bank transfers

Payment method webmoney  Bitcoin payment method Perfect Money payment method
More available payment methods...

We work with the most popular, secured, online payment service providers who will guarantee the security of your transactions.

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