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Buy Germany toll free phone numbers

Communicate with Germans thanks to toll free numbers for Germany. Freezvon suggests such way of talking with clients called Germany toll free numbers providing customers’ free calling. Your company’s image will be increased and proved, reputation will be also on the top – all these results are thanks to using of toll free phone numbers. We also could present you other features as virtual PBX, SIP, etc. In this article, you will see recommendations of connection, work and meaning of toll free numbers for this country. But first, read an information concerning the country, where you will use our VoIP technologies.

Germany is a state of strict rules, which surprise every tourist. There you can taste about 5000 sorts of beer, moreover, every worker has a right to drink one cup of beer during the day. Chewing gum was invented there (!). It’s well-known that this nation is very friendly and helpful, so you can bravely ask for help if you need that. Interesting to know that most local people live in rented apartments and that is quite ordinary for them. If you have a desire to know more, just visit a country or use toll free number for talking to locals.

What are German toll free numbers and their working options?

That is a number with call forwarding service and calling code 800. It provides free calls from subscribers, BUT you as user should pay for your incoming VoIP calls. Forget concerning use of SIM-cards and other expensive appliances, they are useless. Your place of locating never matters, because your number will function anywhere you are within the country of course. For making calls, please, write us a request about receiving SIP-account and conditions of its usage. See the costs for toll free German numbers here.

Usage of toll free numbers for Germany
Make forwarding to

All preferable benefits of Germany toll free numbers

You need to check all odds and profits of toll free numbers. See them now and be sure our telephone services are most qualitative and resultative:

  • Online purchase process of toll free numbers;
  • Additional services for numbers as send and bulk sms, voicemenu, background music and others;
  • Don’t care about your location, a number work anywhere within Germany;
  • You don’t need to use SIM-cards or other equipment;
  • Free calls for subscribers are provided;
  • Create presence in this country for callers.

We recommend you to ameliorate your telephony system with the help of virtual PBX station and its telephone services as welcome message, voicemenu, call recording, monitoring of calling processes, SIP accounts etc.

Get German toll free numbers by Freezvon Company

See a system of buying our toll free German number by completing the next essential steps:

  • Sign up your profile to our site;
  • Top up a balance (choose way of payment before);
  • Pick parameters you need;

Number will be activated within 24 hours. You will see a notification letter about running status of your German toll free phone number. Be patient and sensible customer.

For being more informed in questions of IP technologies work, just contact us via Skype, live help chat, email or call us by phone. Our corporation is always glad to consult you in every situation. Let's create a friendly relationships and cooperate successfully!

Available area codes and costs for Germany virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
Toll Free8001049+--
Toll Freefor Mobile1028+--

Buy Virtual Phone Number For Germany

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