VoIP telephony services are quite widespread, but our company would like to recommend you only great solutions for your telecommunication affairs. These are South Africa toll free numbers most appropriate for receiving calls from local people.

You are going to see the particularities of such service and learn more concerning the country, where you will use them. Freezvon provides only useful, cheap and convenient in using phone services. Obtain toll free 800 phone numbers for South Africa and talk to local people.

South Africa has two official languages: English and African (the second one is a mixture of Holland and German language. It’s similar to Flemish language spoken on the North of Belgium). It should be mentioned there you can find the biggest trace, where meteorite fell. South Africa is multicultural country, so it’s better to visit it on your own and feel their spirit. We suggest you to get virtual numbers in South Africa for SMS and fax (they get different destinations).

What are toll free numbers and their working items?

That is a virtual number with multiple lines and code ‘800’, which main peculiarity consists of call forwarding service that leads your calls to such destinations as SIP, other numbers (cell phone/landlines). This number allows subscribers to call free (remember: you need to pay for their calls). You don’t have to use SIM-cards and other technical equipment. Locally you will be free. You can make calls using SIP-account form us (with installed apps as Zoiper or Xlite). See costs for these numbers here.

Get South Africa toll free number

South Africa toll free numbers

If you're using ordinary VoIP number, you may also to make calls via SIP-telephony, thanks to SIP account received from us. Download any of programs as Xlite or Zoiper and call internationally online at local rates.

Beneficial pluses in usage of toll free numbers

Please, learn more concerning preferable sides of 800 numbers for South Africa:

  • Cheap and comfortable in use IP-telephony services;
  • Possibility to order additional feature as call recording, ivr-menu, blacklist, conference call and others;
  • Free outgoing calls made by subscribers;
  • Online purchase available from our official site;
  • NO usage of SIM-cards and technical equipment;
  • Location doesn’t tie down your number.
We recommend you to install such service called virtual PBX station with additional features as voicemail, SIP-accounts, call monitoring, IVR-menu, free DID number and others. It's very convenient as for office as for home utilization.

If you need to know more about VoIP-telephony services, you can address our technical experts via Skype, e-mail, live chat online or by phone. Our team is always open for cooperation with you, just let us make your telecommunication easier, comfortable and cheaper.