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South Africa virtual number for calls and sms service

Virtual telephony in South Africa has a significant meaning for contemporary society living there. Nowadays, IP-telephony has different branches successfully used in every point of the world. Freezvon presents virtual telephony services such as South Africa virtual phone numbers, PBX and other services you can get after reading of this article. But firstly, it’s obvious to know more about the country for what you will get one virtual IP-telephony service. It's incredible chance to learn more about Freezvon facilities and their preferable sides.

This country remains the second biggest exporter of exotic fruits. It’s the first country where stream water is the cleanest in the world. An interesting fact: 3 Noble laureate lived in one street. Only there you can see the biggest trees in the world called baobabs, which live for 5000 years. If you want to be a part of African unusual world, you can get virtual number and enjoy communicating with Africans.

What is VoIP South Africa virtual number and work peculiarities?

It has code +27 and works with redirecting of calls, sms and fax to every destination you want. It’s flexible in use and money-saving. You won’t bound to any of locations, so you could move and use your number without complications. For making cheap outgoing calls, you could get SIP-account from Freezvon, setup special app as Zoiper or X-lite and call everywhere you need.

See rates and costs for numbers here.

Get South Africa virtual number
Virtual numbers in South Africa

Assets of South Africa virtual number in usage

Learn more about what preferences you could get from using this kind of number:

  • It’s accessible online on our website;
  • It’s free from place attachment;
  • It is working without SIM-cards;
  • It’s suitable for business work;
  • It’s accessible to add other phone services such as call recording, IVR-menu, click to call, send and bulk messages, etc.

Variants of DID South Africa virtual numbers

Get any of these numbers we present. They could be for:

  • Calls – make and receive them to any of these destinations: SIP, IP-telephone, Skype, etc.;
  • SMS – user can send and get text messages to such courses as email, URL or mobile number he/she has;
  • SMS and Calls – great ability to use one number for both phone services. They have different courses of redirection;
  • Fax – a number responsible for getting fax messages as PDF to;
  • Calls and fax – united number for both services. Courses of redirection are totally separated.

IP PBX system is great idea for working office in South Africa, where you could install all services for your work amelioration. There are many offers about what technical experts could explain in details. Just contact them via Skype, email or livechat.

Ordering virtual number for South Africa from Freezvon

Our company has so easy ordering process, which you can complete as faster as it’s possible. See the following directions:

  • Register to Freezvon;
  • Recharge your balance with some sum of money;
  • Take out “South Africa”;
  • Select city and code;
  • Order!

Check please payment methods, which are available for buying our services. This service will be connected within 24 hours, check your email, where you will find a letter about its availability.

Try to fill all gaps in IP-telephony as a notion, because without that you can’t use its services. Specialists of Freezvon work 24 hours per day for your well-being. Contact them anytime you want. We are always ready to give you some qualified and full help.

Available area codes and costs for South Africa virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
Pretoria / Tshwane121520+--
Cape Town211520+--
South Africa VOIP871520+--
East London431520+--
Port Elizabeth411520---
Virtual PRI00090+--
GEORGE 441520+--
KIMBERLEY 531520+--
RUSTENBURG 141520+--
Mobile (only for sms)*xx1010---
Toll free8001028+--

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