Freezvon Company as experienced VoIP telephony provider will be helpful for you in choosing of most suitable way of communication with customers or business partners. If you need to deal affairs in Uzbekistan, we recommend you a great solution called toll free phone number for Uzbekistan.

Your subscribers will have a capacity to call without paying fees (but it’s a user who must pay for these calls). From this article, you will get more info about a feature and country where to use this.

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What are toll free numbers and its working principles?

These numbers have multiple lines and calling code 800. Thanks to this VoIP service, subscribers will be able to call free without spending their money, but you as number user must be responsible for their calls. There is one great peculiarity of it known as redirection of calls to such courses as SIP, Skype or other numbers. It’s possible to see rates and costs in a list here.

Toll free number for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan toll free number

Benefits of toll free number usage

We give you a possibility to see almost all positive sides of Uzbekistan toll free number:

  • Talks with local people;
  • Subscribers call you free;
  • Online purchasing of telephone service is available;
  • Accessible additional services as blacklist, call recording, background music, greeting message and others;
  • NO use of SIM-cards;
  • These numbers are not locally attached at all.

Our company has a big variety of virtual telephone services. One of the most popular is IP PBX station, which has lots of other favorable features as voicemenu, SIP accounts, call recording, voicemail, internal numbers. This way of telephony is ideal as for office as for home, so do not hesitate to use it for organizing a telecommunication.