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Angola VoIP virtual phone number for calls over Internet

Making calls to Angola is simple with virtual numbers for Angola . In XXI century the economic level of the country became higher among other African states thanks to growing quantity of oil companies. In 2008 Luanda as a capital was called the most expensive city in the world. The main reasons of this fact is in high prices for products and services. In spite of 30 years of cruelest civil wars, Angola became thriving and popular country for visitors.

That is the greatest fact that IP-telephony services put down their roots almost in every country of the whole world, and Angola is not an exception. Freezvon offers amazing possibility to call this country without completing any difficult operations. You can get Angolan number with code +244 for Luanda city and easily use it for maintaining relations with partners, friends or family from any corner of the Earth.

Angola virtual numbers for calls, their working positions

Virtual phone number for Angola looks like simple number, but with special code +244 that help to make dialing. This kind of number works without sim-cards thanks to forwarding of calls, sms and even fax to appropriate course you may choose. Your calls will be routed to such directions as IP-telephone, Skype, mobile phone number.

Angolan virtual numbers

If you want to make cheaper calls, you could get SIP account, install needed apps (Xlite or Zoiper) for it, then get free incoming and make outgoing calls cheaper, even to abroad.

Division of Angola virtual numbers in use

In this country you could find VoIP numbers not only for calls but also for:

  1. SMS – a number managing text messages to email, cell number or URL;
  2. Calls and SMS – convenient number for managing calls and sms services, which have their own direction;
  3. Fax – a number helping to escape buying heavy stuff for getting fax messages, just use a number and receive messages to email;
  4. Fax and SMS – special number that regulate fax and sms services. They have different destination as well.

We could also present you most requested types of numbers such as:

  1. Multichannel numbers – have several quantity of lines for better distributing between call operators;
  2. Toll free 800 numbers – used by call-centers or companies working with lots of clients. Thanks to them calls are free for callers, but owners of number must pay for them.

What are the pluses in use for Angola DID virtual numbers for calls?

This number aimed at improving of you telephonic comfort, so learn more about its privileges below:

  • It can be ordered online, you just need to have Internet connection;
  • It has no location attachment, so you could move everywhere;
  • Business will be flourishing with Angola VoIP numbers;
  • No heavy technical equipment stuff in need;
  • Easiness in usage;
  • Low ratings for additional telephone services as voicemail, hold a music, welcome message, IP PBX system and others.

In Angola exist only 2 operators as Unitel and Movicel, that provide subscribers with telephone services. Let’s find out more info concerning new virtual phone number for calls in this country.

How to buy VoIP virtual number for Angola?

If you want to know more about ordering, just learn more how to fulfill this operation here. All payment methods for purchase you may use according to your convenience (bank transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin or Perfect Money etc.):

  • Spend a second for fast registration;
  • Top up the balance through personal cabinet;
  • Select “Angola” among other countries;
  • Pick over type “for calls”;
  • Select the city;
  • Order the number now!

The following service you ordered will help you to develop your communication with Angola people as if you stay in this country physically.

Any unclear points left? Brush them off asking our technical staff that works 24-hours per day. Our experts would be happy to inform you more. Just contact us and get more info concerning our services etc.

Available area codes and costs for Angola virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX

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