With Belgium virtual phone number for incoming and outgoing calls, you will get a capacity to stay in contact with local people. Belgians are forward-minded and up-to-date people, so the nuances of IP technologies are quite familiar to them.

Being in contact with Belgians is easier with VoIP telephony that broadens the capacity of fast and trouble-free communication with the entire world. With this service you can call to international destinations at cheap rates. Let’s see what’s Belgium virtual number and its functionality.

*The price is quoted for Calls, SMS, Toll-Free, or Fax type of phone numbers.

For Calls and SMS, Calls and Fax of phone numbers, the price could differ.

Order additional telephone services for your virtual number (voicemail, welcome message, conditional call forwarding, IVR, black and white listsand others).

Having traditional telephony you can’t see full image of telecommunication working system, but with PBX station you could totally control of calls and other telephone operations. We propose such services as lots of SIP accounts for colleagues, IP address, IVR menu, free internal calls and other functions.

If you want to get improve your telecommunications state with more callers and sales increase, get toll free 800 number in Belgium. It is multichannel and can provide fast and efficient call distribution. It should be said that we have fax phone numbers and virtual numbers for SMS. Now we want to tell you more about this VoIP telephony service.

What are virtual numbers working features?

This virtual Belgium phone number has peculiar code +32 and it functions thanks to the forwarding of calls, fax and messages to the determinate destination. Necessity of SIM-cards and cables disappeared. This kind of number isn’t attached to the location, so you may move everywhere and be sure your telephonic stuff stays safe. For saving your means, the best choice is SIP application that permits redirecting calls to personal accounts freely! Belgium phone number has 2 channels, but you can order more if you need them. Read more about prices here. Below you may see the tips and conditions of making and receiving calls.

Get virtual phone number for Belgium

Get virtual phone number for Belgium

How to make cheap calls with phone number?

We propose money-saving method of dialing at cheap rates to foreign countries including. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Connect free SIP account (send us a request about that);
  2. Download and install free apps as Zoiper and Xlite;
  3. Use the settings you will receive from our manager.

Learn more about the rates for calls, all of them are presented here.

Getting incoming calls online via virtual number

Thanks to the forwarding feature, we propose you some possible directions to what you can receive the phone calls from any point of the world. They are like:

  1. SIP;
  2. Other fixed or cell telephone.

Prices for the other numbers in over 120 countries you may check on page called "Pricing", just click here.

Avoid ignorance in telephone services! Ask our 24-hours support and make your life easier! Contact us and get more info about service you order. Our experts will create amazing conditions for using your telephone services.