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Obtain Brazil DID virtual phone number

IP telephony opens new possibilities in Brazil with VoIP numbers. This country occupies the central and eastern part of South America. VoIP virtual number for Brazil will significantly simplify the communication with its habitants. Amazonian lowlands are in the North of the country – the valley of the Amazon and its many tributaries; in the South, a vast Brazilian plateau. Get more useful details about Brazil virtual numbers from Freezvon in this article.

A lot of rivers are flowing on the territory of the country: the Amazon, the Rio Branco, Rio Negro, Maguera, Japurá River, Purus, Madeira and many others. Almost all of the natural lakes of Brazil are lakes-lagoons and rivers, the largest of which is Lagoon Mirim and Patos. The state's name comes from the eponymous tree, which got its name from the red wood, similar in color to the hot coals (in Portuguese - «brasil»).

What is Brazil virtual numbers and their work?

This DID number has a calling code +55 and could readdress SMS, calls, fax to needed destination course. Stop using additional expensive appliances as SIM-cards or cables, virtual number has no physical attachment to any location. It creates a view that you are in this country even if you're out of it. This number could be private cell, fixed number. It's possible to see all specialities concerning pluging and using of virtual facilities here.

Virtual phone number for Brazil
Virtual Brazil phone number

Virtual DID number categories of Freezvon

In order to talk freely with Brazilians, you may get VoIP virtual number with code +55 for this purpose. We provide various types of virtual numbers but for that very location, there are such types of them:

  1. Number for calls. Having such number that redirects calls. Call forwarding to phone number(cheap destination), SIP, Skype (free destinations), IP-telephone;
  2. Fax number. This type is accessible for receiving fax messages to e-mail as PDF files;
  3. Toll free 800 virtual numbers. Such numbers are usually useful for companies dealing with clients’ base from foreign countries – in this case in Brazil. Callers do not pay for calls. Owner of the number is responsible for it. Readdressing is done to Skype, SIP etc. This is considered to be multichannel.

These Brazilian numbers are always accessible on our site. In order to improve communication with Brazilian people try to use numbers – you will see how convenient it is, because connection is always of the highest quality. See the costs here.

Plus points of direct number in Brazil

Frequently using features from Freezvon. you will understand what perfect connection is. With the help of forwarding you will always be available for people – friends, relatives or clients. Advantages of them are the following:

  • Low rates on calls;
  • Worldwide coverage;
  • No territory bounding;
  • Perfect connection;
  • Sustainable numbers;
  • Rich choice of countries;
  • Round the clock support.

That is not all possible benefits that you will get using our services. You can also order additional services to improve your communicative processes with necessary honorable people. The list of services you can see here.

IP PBX is another one solution consisting of several services favorable for office. It contains free DID number, unlimited SIP-accounts, internal VoiP numbers, salutation message, IVR menu etc .

Ordering virtual Brazil virtual number online

You cannot live without IP-telephony? So to order its facility. The process is not difficult and it will not take much time. Performed all following steps and enjoy communication with Brazilian habitants:

  • Register;
  • Perform payment;
  • Order a number!

Our VoIP telephone services will maintain your telecommunication in any sphere of life. We will connect your number within 24 hours or even more depending on providers' conditions.

If you need some additional services get info about the service you want from technical staff experts and they will set it as quick as possible. You can also ask questions via online chat, email, Skype, telephone. Learn how to contact us.

Available area codes and costs for Brazil virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
Sao Paulo111520+-+
Rio de Janeiro211520+-+
Belo Horizonte311520+--
Foz do Iguacu451520+--
Porto Alegre511520+--
Caxias do Sul541520+--
Campo Grande671520+--
Rio Branco681520+--
Porto Velho691520+--
Joao Pessoa831520+--
Governador Valadares331520+--
Sao Jose Do Rio Pret171520+--
Virtual PRI00090+--
Toll free8002055+--

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