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Order Estonia virtual number for calls, SMS and fax

Estonia is a digital society state. Native people hate paper chase, bureaucracy or something like that. This nation is for progress and for being online country. Clarity, simplicity and efficiency of life is on the first step for Estonians. Moreover, Estonia is the first country where people can vote for the president via mobile phone. Really progressive, forward-thinking nation! Our corporation presents Estonia VoIP virtual number for telephonic affairs.

IP-technology is an ordinary thing for Estonia. If you start your affairs there or just want to make your telephonic communication with Estonians more convenient, you may select any kind of numbers from Freezvon and prove that you are not worse than modern Estonian citizen. Let’s make the question about VoIP telephony more clear!

What is Estonia virtual number and its way of work

This number differs from ordinary number by unique code +372 that functions by redirecting of calls, sms and fax to appropriate chosen course. SIM-cards and cables remain in the past of technological progress. With such number you don’t have to exploit them. If you are active person and you are always in move, this is especially for you, because such kind of numbers are not tied down to any physical location.

Buy Estonian virtual numbers
How Estonia virtual numbers work

Example of using virtual number in life

When you have a business partner in this state, it’s evident you need to maintain relations with him or her for ameliorating your company cooperation. Number helps to call with local rates and looks like ordinary Estonian number, what helps to save cash. Develop affairs with VoIP technologies!

Types of virtual numbers for Estonia

If you are not sure how to write the name of capital “Tallinn” or “Tallin”, select the necessary type of Estonian virtual number and ask your Estonian friends about it.

The types of such number can be for:

  • Calls – that are redirected to Skype (free from payment), SIP (free as well), IP telephone or other device;
  • Receiving and texting sms – number for messages that are redirected to the e-mail, URL or another telephone;
  • Getting fax – a number for getting fax messages in PDF to e-mail;
  • Calls and sms number – you can use both services + distinct diversion courses;
  • Calls and fax number – use both services as well + redirect them to separate destinations;

Great offer for big business sphere and companies:

  • Multichannel numbers which are characterized by existence of many lines for one number. Easier calls distribution;
  • Toll free 800 numbers that are free calls for Estonian callers. Users shouldn’t forget about paying for their calls from callers.

Did you know that Skype was created in this state? So, you may order special Skype number and redirect calls to it (Free destination); Or use SIP soft-phone service (offered programs Zoiper or X-lite ) and create SIP account where all your calls will be saved. This destination is also free.

All prices and rates are accessible here.

Strong sides of Estonia virtual phone numbers

Weigh up all pluses of IP telephone numbers:

  • Ability to order Estonian number online thanks to our site;
  • Great possibility to call you with lowest tariffs;
  • Fast and comfortable access to your telephone stuff;
  • Chances of increasing the level of your business affairs;
  • Cheap phone services;
  • Various payment methods;
  • Big choice of additional phone services such as voicemail, click to call, call back, hold music, IVR menu and many others.

Freezvon presents variable phone services that will make your office life better and more convenient. Such services as virtual PBX replaces whole traditional telephony by rich functionality (internal free calls, IP addresses, number for sale, SIP accounts, others).

Ordering process of Estonian VoIP virtual phone number

This is simpler than you guess. Just complete the following stages for purchasing virtual number for Estonia we presented below:

  • Set up to Freezvon;
  • Top up your balance;
  • Select “Estonia” in the list;
  • Choose the type of number;
  • Order it now!

Select most suitable payment method for buying our virtual telephone products. Please, check your email where our team sent a notification about virtual number connection. It is always connected within 24-hours period.

After this process, if you have any questions, you can contact us and get more answers. Our technical department works 24 hours every day, so you can talk to them anytime you want.

Available area codes and costs for Estonia virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
Mobile (only for sms)*xx1015-+-
Toll Free8001075+--

Buy Virtual Phone Number For Estonia

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