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Choose Israel virtual number for international calls

Great state for all intents and purposes. It’s tied so tightly with telephonic technologies that you even can’t imagine what a big contribution this country has done to that sphere. All the facts required to be mentioned as miracles in IP technologies world. Cell phone was produced in Israeli department of Motorola (the biggest development center of Israel). Such technology as Voicemail was developed in Israel as well. Microsoft and Cisco opened their single research center (R&D) only in this country. Four young Israeli guys created ICQ technology in 1996. Read more about virtual number for Israel from this article.

Israel takes the first place on planet according to the enormous quantity of computers per capita in the state. That’s really world technical miracle, not an ordinary country. IP technologies are not unfamiliar to Israel, but there are people who are not so well informed in that. Let’s see what role Israel virtual numbers play for Israel.

What is virtual number for Israel, working principles

They can work only with code +972, and function rerouting calls, sms and fax to needed course. Minimum of technical equipment, even its absence is possible – no sim-cards are required using such numbers. No location attachment will let you go abroad or stay at your cottage out of the city. Installation of SIP account will help you to save the means for calls and being in contact with Israel friends or numerous family.

Use Israel virtual numbers
Virtual number in Israel

At the bottom of the page there is a table with available regions of Israel for connecting the number, its cost and the setup fee. Tariffs set for routing calls to paid destinations (mobile and fixed phones) and the cost of outgoing calls could be found here. Call forwarding to SIP and Skype is free of charge. See the pricing list here.

Types of Israel virtual numbers in access

Israel is technical country that may offer so various kinds of virtual numbers suggested by Freezvon. They are for:

  • SMS, which are redirected to different destinations as e-mail, own server, SIP, other phone;
  • Calls, which are rerouted to SIP, Skype, another mobile or fixed number;
  • Fax which is redirected in PDF to personal e-mail;
  • Calls and SMS, which go to separate destinations;
  • Calls and fax, come to different courses as well.

When you want more than ordinary functioning you can look at these types of VoIP numbers:

  • Toll free 800 numbers that offer free call for people dialing to you;
  • Multichannel virtual numbers with many lines for a number to make it achievable for subscribers.

Points of virtual phone number perfection for Israel

It has only pros and you may receive a confirmation concerning this question. Just read the information presented below:

  • Online ordering process in access;
  • Low rates for services;
  • Electronic payment;
  • Expanding communication opportunities;
  • No location bounding;
  • No annoying technical equipment;
  • In addition, there are other available services as call recording , voicemail, conditional call forwarding , PBX system, white and black lists and many others here.

How to buy Israel virtual number from Freezvon

Complete the next steps and communicate with Israeli people till this moment:

  • Set up to our website;
  • Top up the balance;
  • Select “Israel” in a list;
  • Check out the type of number;
  • Order it now!

Don't forget about selecting payment method before. Here you can choose one of them. Then this service will be active (within 24 hours), letter notification will come to you and then you will be a sound user.

We study hard in any sphere of our life, but in something newly appeared we need to study even harder. Our experts have overwhelming desire to explain you all hazy points concerning IP telephony. Contact us and obtain more information about our services.

Available area codes and costs for Israel virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
Jerusalem region21520+-+
Tel Aviv region31520+-+
Israel Landline71520+--
Voip Telephony - 012 Gloden Lines721520+--
VOIP National771520+--
Beer Sheva81520+-+
Virtual PRI00090+--
Toll Free18091024+--
Mobile (only for sms)*xx1022-+-

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