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Purchasing Taiwan virtual phone number via Internet

With Taiwan virtual number it’s faster and convenient for telecommunication. Having affairs with Taiwan, care about the way of telephonic communication, because only then you could feel yourself more confident and even independent. Taiwan virtual phone numbers facilitates your telephonic life. You can order any type of DID number you need. Multichannel type of number provide successful business affairs. Toll free numbers guarantee big amount of customers. If you face to such things as VoIP telephony at the first time, let’s find out what is that?

A bit bigger than Belgium and the first democratic state in Asia. Most of you maybe thought that Taiwan is the part of China, but it’s high time to interrupt this chain of mistakes when you hear about this country. It can be called a motherland of such brands as ASUS, HTC and Acer. Nevertheless, respecting Taiwan you don’t have to use only these respectful devices with these brands for communication. There are many other sides of being mobile in this country.

What is Taiwan virtual number and its work?

It’s a phone number working thanks to readdressing of calls, sms and fax to any course you may choose with dialling of unique Taiwanese code +886. You can avoid buying sim-cards, they are not actual now. You may install SIP account and redirect calls to it (redirection to SIP is for free). For business affairs, get multichannel number or toll free that influence on the process being in contact with clients. In order to have your number digits visible, get a function known as Caller ID and your subscribers will see your number on their device screens for making back calls.

Buy Taiwan virtual telephone numbers
Virtual number for Taiwan

What VoIP virtual numbers for Taiwan can be?

Here you will learn more about variety of our virtual numbers in Taiwan.

  1. Calls – redirect calls to IP telephone, SIP, Skype;
  2. SMS – readdress messages to email, url;
  3. Calls and SMS/ Fax and Calls – united number for both services;
  4. Fax – you will receive fax letters to your e-mail in PDF;
  5. Toll free 800 numbers – callers making free calls;
  6. Multichannel numbers – Taiwanese number with many lines for more callers.

See the prices for numbers presented by Freezvon here.

Why do you need VoIP virtual number for Taiwan?

We think it’s better to explain you the preferences of using Taiwan virtual numbers:

  • It’s possible for you to call Taiwan from another country with local Taiwan tariffs;
  • You can purchase Taiwanese VoIP online and use it everywhere even outside of the country;
  • You will pay for communication with low prices;
  • Big choice of additional telephone services we offer: voicemail, black and white lists, click to call, call back and others you may see here.

Get virtual PBX system as meliorated telephone system for office or home usage. It consists of VoIP services that create amazing solution. They are like own IP address, calls statistics, SIP accounts, internal numbers and others.

Process of purchase Taiwan virtual phone number

Here you may see the stages for ordering virtual number for Taiwan. It will take only 5 minutes. Try our easy and comfortable purchasing procedure:

  • Sign up to our site and top up your balance;
  • Select “Taiwan”;
  • Choose the type of number;
  • Order your Taiwan virtual number.

See all possible payment methods for getting virtual telephone services from our company. Our support team will inform you concerning connection of your virtual telephone number.

Still have questions, call or write to our support team. They work 24 hours per day and they are starving for your requests about help. Find us via Skype, email, live chat or by phone.

Available area codes and costs for Taiwan virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX

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