The choice of a contact number influences the quantity of customers the call center can serve. Such an option also determines whether low-cost calls will be available throughout the country. VoIP telephony provider Freezvon can offer businesses a toll-free 800 number or a direct-dial city number. Let’s analyze the way these services work to make it easier for a business owner to decide on the most profitable type of virtual number for the company.

What are the features of VoIP numbers, and what types there are?

A virtual number is a VoIP telephony service designed to receive and make calls. VoIP numbers operate by transmitting voice data over the IP protocol (Internet). Call rates are reduced due to this, and you can get the number of another state online.

There are the following types of VoIP numbers for calls.

  • Mobile.
  • City (direct-dial).
  • National.
  • 800 toll-free numbers.

They will look like analog ones and have the code of a mobile operator or city/state. Such solutions bring you the possibility to create the effect of the company’s presence in the desired region or country. The virtual number is not tied to any location. Moreover, it will not be necessary to change the contact number when moving from one country/city to another.

What is the difference between 800 and a direct-dial number?

It’s easy to choose the different numbers, as they depend on the goals the entrepreneur sets.

Advantages of VoIP telephony.

  • Reducing operating costs.
  • Cheap international and regional calls.
  • Flexible call forwarding for the number.
  • Location independence.

These are general characteristics common to all types of numbers. The difference between an 800 number and a direct-dial number is who will pay for the incoming call.

When a client calls a company that has a virtual number connected with a city code, the call fee is charged to the subscriber according to the tariffs of his/her operator. Conversely, calls to 800 toll-free solutions will be free for customers. Bills are paid by the owner of the number. Let’s consider each type in more detail.

Direct-dial virtual number

The benefit of purchasing a VoIP number with an area code is that a company from the regional towns can get the big-city number (it’s especially profitable in a case when lots of customers are located there). For example, a company is based in Dnipro and the businessman plans to develop an office in Kyiv. The organization can start doing business with Kyiv clients even before it launches an office there by connecting the virtual number of the capital of Ukraine (it will set the stage before expansion).

The situation is similar when working on the international market. Let’s imagine that you have planned to create a virtual office in New York. A landline VoIP number with the New York City code or its districts will allow you to make cheap calls. It’s not a secret that customers will be more willing to call a local VoIP number and the call will be charged at local US rates.

VoIP telephony allows you to set different call forwarding parameters. Use call forwarding to landlines when you already have a phone system.

There are some other forwarding options.

  • SIP app. It requires the installation of an application (such as Zoiper) to use a SIP account on a computer or smartphone.
  • IP phone. It looks like a stationary device, but uses the SIP protocol to transmit voice data.

It is important to note that forwarding to SIP for most city numbers will be free, but 800 toll-free numbers will always have chargeable call forwarding to SIP.

Business owners often order virtual fax numbers in addition to calling ones. They look like familiar city numbers, but are intended for receiving a fax. In this case, there will be no busy telephone line. All documents are sent to the email address specified by the user. This service allows you to receive faxes even on the road and no equipment is required. Fax messages are saved as PDF files.

Toll-free number (800)

If the company has many branches, serves customers throughout the country, and has a high volume of calls, it will be efficient to get a toll-free number. It simplifies the task of the client and brings the possibility to contact the company even without money in the account (because the call is free). This increases the chances that potential customers will actively contact the manager.

The 800 number will be a convenient option so that the call center can work productively. It is multichannel and will allow operators to conduct dialogues with several clients in parallel.

How to choose between 800 toll-free and direct-dial city numbers?

It’s better to determine the type of VoIP number for your business and answer the following questions.

  • What is the business size? 800 numbers will be a win-win option for large businesses, but may not be budget-friendly for smaller companies.
  • Where are most customers? The toll-free numbers may be more efficient to work in different regions since they cover the entire country and remove the responsibility for paying the call from clients. You will find a common language with local buyers in a case of a direct landline number having.
  • What are the specifics of the business? You can get more benefits using toll-free 800 numbers by working in the business sector that directly depends on communication with customers by phone (delivery, online stores, booking services). They are multichannel, so it is easier to scale a business with them, hire more operators, and manage calls by distributing them between offices.

Additional services for virtual numbers

You also have the opportunity to offer customers a free call due to direct landline numbers. All you have to do is to connect a Click to Call widget, which immediately activates the auto-dial function to the manager of your company online. A potential buyer does not even need to dial a number because the call is performed automatically.

If you have a large flow of incoming calls to the call center, the Click to Call can be replaced with a Callback widget. It brings the possibility for the users to order a callback. The responsible operator contacts him and answers all questions.

These widgets can also be used when you get a toll-free number. The above-mentioned solutions increase lead conversions and help managers to make sales.

Let’s get acquainted with other useful VoIP services.

  • IVR. The caller can decide where to forward the call from the options that are offered by the interactive voice menu.
  • Virtual PBX. It offers a full range of tools for managing telephony (setting up a call queue, forwarding, voice menu, access to voicemail, and conference calls). The solution does not require the installation of equipment and allows the person to work through a web application.
  • Call recording. It saves all the important information during the conversation. You can analyze records and evaluate the way the call center operators work, as well as identify weaknesses and strengths of the service.

Find all the services that can be activated for VoIP numbers here.

Focus on the needs of your company and the features of each number to find the best option. If expert advice is needed, Freezvon Company has a 24/7 support department to answer any questions.