Phone calls remain an important channel of communication between customers and the company. Any person who wants to know the details about products and services prefers to get a response for free and as quickly as possible. That is why the 800 virtual number (toll-free) is a step towards customers. It is not the subscriber who pays for a call to the call center but the owner of the number. We will analyze the way this service works, the opportunities it gives, and who is more suitable to use it.

What are toll-free numbers?

Companies that have connected toll-free numbers are ready to take care of the customers’ comfort. After all, the 800 number is an IP telephony service, when a call to a hotline is paid for by the company. This simplifies the possibility for potential customers (who are living in the region or another country) to safely contact the support service and seek a piece of advice. A business of any size can get an 800 phone number by ordering service on the Freezvon website.

The 800 phone number is familiar to everyone as it can be easily found in online stores, on the website of banks, courier services, and other campaigns that are widespread all over the country or branches in several states.

There’s also one important feature of all virtual numbers: it is enough to have a fast Internet connection to become a part of corporate telephony. You do not need to pull telephone wires or install stationary devices for the toll-free number to work (unlike analog telephony). At the same time, when the customers dial 800 numbers via a mobile or landline phone, the cost of the call will remain free for them.

How does it work?

Toll-free 800 virtual number uses call forwarding. You can receive calls via the following tools.

  • Landline telephone number.
  • Mobile number.
  • IP phone.
  • SIP client installed on a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

The company can easily find an office for rent because there’s no need to connect to the public PSTN network and the employees can freely use a headset. It takes several days to organize telephone communication in a new place. The virtual number remains the same when moving to a new address.

Another feature of the 800 number is that it is multi-channel. This brings you access to 100 channels for incoming calls so that operators can answer questions from several customers at the same time.

How to use 800 numbers?

It is difficult to manage a multichannel line without special programs. Therefore the 800 number is most often chosen together with a virtual PBX. Here you can set up a call queue, define call forwarding, and set a welcome message.

It is easier to implement the scenario of a virtual office with IP PBX creation. Such a solution has lots of benefits when a foreign company wants to offer services to customers in Russia but so far without a physical office. The 800 number is needed to run a remote call center and a virtual PBX allows you to manage calls through a web interface.

We recommend choosing SIP as the forwarding method to minimize costs. Such a SIP account will also be required for outgoing calls. Prepare everything you need for work.

  • Select a SIP application (Zoiper, Bria, or any similar) and install it on a PC or other device.
  • Make a support request to provide you with a SIP account after receiving the 800 number.
  • Enter account information in the application and wait for the activation of the program.

The advantage of virtual telephony is that the company connects one 800 number but the whole team can use it for making calls. It’s easy to make up to 3 calls at a time via each account so a large team may require several SIP accounts. The first 3 SIP accounts are included in the cost of connecting the number (you obtain them for free). Getting additional accounts is paid $5 per SIP (one-time payment).

Toll-free numbers are usually represented in advertising on the radio and on billboards. Since the number starts with 800 and is followed by a simple set of numbers, this code is very easy to remember. This is an important factor that favorably influences the recognition of the company. Federal numbers, which customers can call free of charge from any region, contribute to the formation of a positive impression of the company.

By the way, the use of such a number will be beneficial for business for other reasons.

  • The multi-channel feature allows you to process many calls, which means that you will potentially consummate more deals and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Calls can also be forwarded to mobile phones of employees working outside the city or remotely.
  • You can connect all regional offices to one number by creating a single corporate network. The IVR menu will help you choose the branch to route the call to.
  • There are many additional services for VoIP numbers (interactive IVR menu, call recordings, voice mail, and more).

How to order a virtual 800 number?

You can buy a toll-free virtual number for more than 70 countries on the Freevzon website to represent your business around the world. The cost of renting a number includes a one-time connection fee and a monthly subscription fee. Freezvon provides discounts when ordering service for a period of more than 3 months. Make a deposit and select a country (together with a forwarding method) to receive an 800 toll-free number. You can find out more about any VoIP service due to our 24/7 support team.