If you have a small business call center, there is one feature that will help you make sure your workers are performing well and improve your team’s performance over time. And this is a call recording service. What is a Call recordings? It’s a process used in contact centers to record and monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. Recordings can include audio recordings of any call, as well as screen recordings, allowing you to get a better look at the workflows. Tracking metrics is an important part of running your call center but managers and executives should also use call records to see what agents are saying and doing to get a more holistic view of performance.

Call Recordings Peculiarities

If you have your own CRM, then it can be easily combined with telephony and get more convenient navigation through call records. Each conversation will be tied to a specific client and you do not need to waste time searching for an audio file. Transcription is the transformation of a recorded conversation into a text format. The function is convenient for finding customers for the same key queries and in general, to find the information you need. After all, it is faster to skim through the text than to listen to an audio recording.

FMC service is a corporate telephone network with unified communication management rules. Thus, you can record conversations even with remote employees and it doesn’t matter if they communicate with customers by mobile or landline phone. Recordings of conversations are securely stored in the data storage with limited memory. That’s why it’s important to set up an email alert so you know exactly when you need to increase your storage. Thus, what is a call recordings? It’s a really reliable and useful feature!

What Is It For?

What does call recordings mean? It means that no separate tool, device, or entire system is required to implement this feature. This service can either be paid separately or included in one of the Freezvon solutions, which offers telecommunication services at favorable rates to corporate and private clients. The recording will be carried out during the operator’s working hours for calls made from the connected device. The start and end of the recording are automatic. The saved audio file will have a name that includes the sequence number of the call, as well as the date and time of the call.

When listening to phone call recordings, additional options are available, for example, pause the conversation, speed up or slow down in order to hear the speech of the interlocutors in detail, and increase or decrease the volume. The recorded conversation has a standard MP3 or WMV format and only a company employee with administrator rights can import it from the internal PBX system.

However, it is important to know that for the storage of confidential client data for personal purposes, the distribution of the recording without the knowledge of the client himself/herself can lead to administrative or even criminal liability. The recorded file can only be attached to a court case if this information was required during the proceedings.


Whats a call recordings? It is a decent solution to provide excellent customer service and thereby increase sales and service quality.

  • Training new employees. New hires often need to be supervised to ensure a consistent company brand philosophy. Monitoring recorded conversations will allow supervisors to check, assist, and correct trainees as needed. According to Edgar Dale’s learning theory, people remember only 10% of what they read, 50% of what they see and hear, and 90% of what they do. Providing managers with actual recordings of good and bad calls during training and then modeling their own calls, will help them learn faster and provide better customer service.
  • Monitoring the quality of work of employees. The call recording program allows management to analyze the performance of agents and compare the success of employees with company standards. In addition, the function of recording a telephone conversation can record absolutely all calls. This will force the worker to be consistently professional during all the calls. It will also allow managers to resolve customer complaints promptly.
  • Tracking the quality of conversation scripts. Call recordings definition makes it clear to identify patterns of behavior that might affect a call, such as a word or phrase that causes the caller to lose interest, or what makes a sales pitch successful.
  • Conflict resolution. Finding the source of disagreements can be especially valuable in resolving them. A manager who escalates a stressful discussion may need to be suspended from the phone for some time while he or she is undergoing additional training or evaluation. And even if the client is at fault, listening to controversial calls can help your management decide whether it’s best to salvage the professional relationship by offering discounts or free upgrades or cut the relationship with the client entirely.

The data collected during call recording can be used by managers to effectively identify problems. For example, you can determine the client’s pains and needs during a conversation with him/her. This data can be used to increase sales and customer loyalty.